For Debi....your 55g drum in progress.

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Hey Debi...

I hope you see this :) I saw in your signature line that you have a 55 gal drum in progress....

Could you tell me what your plans are? I have a 55 gal drum also, and was wanting to see all kinds of ideas before I start.


Hey Lisa, a lil short on time but i thought i'd throw another idea at ya

55 gal drum with an old barrel grill attached, i started a thread and will be updating it shortly, try to get ya some more info then
here is how i am building my new smoker i am working on. it is not to scale. the smoking chamber is a 55-gallon drum; the firebox is an air tank that is 30" long X 13" diameter. the wheels are off the air tank (i got an air compressor free, but the pump is locked up). the legs and braces are angle iron, the shelf and racks are expanded metal, with angle iron for the frame. the smoke stack will be 6" diameter, with no damper.
the pic you posted is what I think I am going to go with. One question though:
On the side of the smoker, I see the 'chimney' and it is on the lower part of the side, does it have to be always on the lower part or can it be up high (either on the side or even on top of the barrel)? And why?
i am going to cut it in just below the food rack, just like the entrance from the firebox. with it that way, the smoke enters the smoke chamber, and "rolls" thru it, to the smokestack. with the smokestack cut in the top, it enters the smoke chamber, and goes straight to the smokestack (at least to me it would seem like it would do that). on my current smoker, i had the stack cut in the top, but marvin (msmith) told me to move it to the end. i have better temp control now, too. so, i am going with what works for me. someone else might like it cut in the top better.
Hi Lisa

I am on a weekend vacation in Vermont right now Jessie's in the shower shhh!

This is my basic design idea. I don't have a garage or the equipment so it's at my sisters house he husband had a welder. They've been fghting alot so my smoker is being held hostige.

PS I figured I don't have a grill so this can be both ....

Gotta go!
no seals. around the door frame (i guess you call it that), i have flat stock (1" x 1/8") welded as something for the door to set on when closed.
I got some of my ideas from Chris seeing as he built one already! LOL

He suggested I buy the Char grill fire box instead of building one. It's made pretty heavy, but I don't know that it's big nough for the winter - that partly why I added the propan burners in the bottom of the barrel to help add heat if needed or to grill if I wanted to. I have a lower rack for grilling and the upper rack for smoking. If I don't use propane I can prably use both racks for smoking.

I trying to figure out a how to build something to raise and lower the racks.

I've also been toying with ideas for insulation between the barrel and the smoking chamber.
debi, i am going to use the burner system out of the LP grill in my firebox to start the wood. i just have to figure out how i am going to mount it, and run the plumbing for it.
Chris -

I bought a gas burner kit for a grill (I think) at Lowes for like $20 a few months back. I figured I can cut a false bottom for when I'm not using it and when/if I need a grill I can slide it out. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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