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Fool proof grilled pizza dough?


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Yeah, I just tossed the remainder. It is the Costco Parmesan that comes slivered (not sliced or ground). I wasn't worried about the mold in the least, but the flavor, while interesting, isn't what I'm looking for when using Parmesan.

I think that may be only the second food item I've tossed this year. I figure out how to use almost anything.


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It took me a couple years of trial and error to be able to grill the perfect pizza, and a lot of eye rolls from the wife, and one use of a fire extinguisher, but we won't go there. I use Jim Laheys no knead pizza dough along with semolina flour for peel dusting when tossing on the stone. Once you get your technique down it is so worth it, don't give up!
I like semolina as well - it doesn't burn as bad as cornmeal.
One thing you can do to work on launching skills is to make a few doughs that you don't intend to use, and practice launching onto a cold stone. Then you can repeat it over and over. After a few times, add some toppings like shredded cabbage to add weight and get an idea how toppings might shift around during launch. This really helps to build confidence. The key to a good launch is to commit and not be tentative.


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I haven't made pizza on the grill but I do make a lot of homemade pizza so I can't help myself chiming in.

I make a lot of doughs with higher water content. They are sticky and way more slack, making them harder to work with. If I used semolina or cornmeal, I'd have to use a lot of it and it would be too incorporated into the crust at that point. So my solution is to stretch the dough the best I can, and then lay it on piece of parchment paper and grab one quadrant of the dough at a time, gently pulling it outwards. I then trim the parchment so there is about a centimeter of paper sticking out from under the dough. This way I can easy slide the pizza (and parchment) onto a pizza stone using a pizza peel. Once the pizza has cooked about half way, the bottom is dry enough that I can slide out the parchment from under the pizza and finish browning the bottom. Sometimes when the oven is at 500F the parchment that is sticking out will brown or break up a little bit but it's never been a big issue. I think this would work fine on the grill and this way you can use a variety of dough recipes. Sometimes if I'm not hand stretching the dough I will just roll it directly on the parchment and it still works with the same results. Hope this helps.

Edited: oops just realized someone already mentioned using parchment!
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