Food Biker - Hello from Boston!

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Original poster
Sep 1, 2021
Boston, MA
Hey there – Seth (Food Biker) here, and just wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been a culinary professional for 12+ years; some people call me a chef (call me whatever you want, but just don’t call me late for dinner). It’s nice to meet you all.

On to the Q. Living in Boston (specifically Cambridge) in a rental apartment has unfortunately forced me to curtail my smoking activities over the past two decades outside of propane grilling, but I’m finally getting back into smoking again. One of my final projects at Le Cordon Bleu Boston years back was a cold smoker I built using a soldering iron, which worked great. Back in Ohio in the ‘90s, I used to have a Brinkmann propane bullet smoker (which was stolen off my front porch), followed by a charcoal Brinkmann bullet. Both turned out great results, but I can’t really do either on my apartment balcony and unfortunately don’t have the time as I did when I was younger. We used an electric smoker back in culinary school (likely a Cookshack), which turned out a ridiculously amazing pastrami…so the magic of a stainless steel electric smoker with latches and minus a water pan -- that's always been on my wish list.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, when on Craig’s List I snagged a Smokin-It Model 2 (new in box!) for about 40% off new – which apparently is really simple to run and won’t smoke out my neighbors. The seller was a really nice guy who had a Model 1 and wanted to upgrade. Well, he bought the Model 2 and then decided to go for the Model 3 for more BBQ real estate…but he never got around to opening and reselling his Model 2 -- until now. So, my smoking adventures will begin again in a few weeks and I can’t wait. I also just picked up an Inkbird IBBQ-4T on sale and looking forward to messing around with it. Toying with the idea of creating a quick IFTTT applet to shut down the smoker once a certain temp is hit (not sure I really want to mess with Auber PID stuff yet), but we’ll see once I master the analog temps first.

Again, nice to meet everyone and Happy Q-ing. Cheers.

– Seth (foodbiker)
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Welcome to the forum from Winchester, VA.
A few members have Smokin-it smokers and have many threads. Dunno if you've been lurkin' or not, if not, hit the search function to find who they are.
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Welcome to SMF! Nice to have you onboard! Great score: Smokin-It Model 2 is very good smoker. Several years ago it was on my "to buy" list when I realized this smoker is a little to small for what I was going to use it for... Smoking-it Model 3 was a little to expensive for me.... Hope we'll see your post on this forum any time soon!
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Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes here – you guys are clearly a friendly bunch. FWIW, I love to connect with people via online forums -- especially when I sometimes get to meet up with people IRL during culinary/moto/auto travels. Has led to some amazing filming days.

motocrash motocrash -- Yeah, I’ve admittedly been lurking during my research. ;) Seemed like there’s a real wealth of BBQ passion and knowledge here – with a lot of great SI, Smokin Tex, and Cookshack info. You’re not too far from Front Royal… the start of Skyline Drive… one of the best rides I’ve ever enjoyed in my life. Plus, some great wine is apparently coming out of the Shenandoah Valley…

Wurstmeister Wurstmeister – Many thanks for the generous complements, John. Rode down to SC years ago and learned from two chefs down in SC (one was a former Parris Island marine drill sergeant turned pit master). That entire journey left me educated and hungry for more – which in fact directly led to Food Biker. Coming back down to SC after this COVID mess ends, as I’m buying a vintage Beemer bike from a friend near Charleston to slowly restore; her father was a rider and unfortunately he passed away this year; he’d be still alive if it wasn’t for COVID. I’m assuming you do your own smoked sausage – and don’t be surprised if I have a few questions in the future. Prost!

pushok2018 pushok2018 – Thanks! The purchase decision was definitely constrained by both physical space and funds. As I’m not cooking up for a whole crowd regularly and don’t mind cutting briskets/ribs to get them to fit, I figured a Model 2 (if I could find an inexpensive one) would work a treat. The best brisket in all of New England is about 90 minutes away, and hopefully this will scratch that itch between visits. Plus, I want to try some cold smoking (salmon – nova); curing salmon is dead simple and cold smoking would take it to the next level. Plus, apparently the Model 2 works great in the cold and I’ve been known to shovel out just to grill in ridiculous blizzards.

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