Flank steak and homegrown veggies on wood fired grill

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Dec 6, 2020
Huntsville, AL
Didn't have any thawed meat so stopped at market and bought a flank steak.
We're used to eating our homegrown Dexter beef, and although this was good, it was a little lacking in beef flavor.

Spinach and asparagus freshly picked from the garden


Store bought flank steak, dry brined and dusted with homemade guajillo/ancho rub


Oak fire burning down in the santa maria


When coals ready, cook flank steak at about 275F (about 40 minutes total)


When meat partially done, add asparagus and Kalamata olives (seasoned with EVO, salt, garlic)


When meat about done, sear over high heat and briefly cook spinach (seasoned with EVO, salt, garlic)


Slice up meat and sprinkle with black Hawaiian salt. A little more done than I wanted but still juicy


Time to eat. Grilled veggies were great. Meat was good, but lacking the beefy flavor we are used to.


Thanks for looking
Nice setup with the Santa Maria. It looks like you have a great view to enjoy while grilling!
Fantastic cook . Love the oak cooks with grilled beef . Nice work as always .
Great looking plate. And I totally understand the different taste of meat. We have gotten so used to our meat from Home Place Pastures that commercial meat just doesnt taste the same.

Thanks everyone.
Spinach on the grill is good with only a slight char, cook fast with constant turning. Toss and coat well with EVO, then throw it in a grilling basket. I wouldn't try smoking it though.
Nice cook! Id be down for a plate for sure!
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