Fixed Pit Boss igniter

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Meat Mopper
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May 8, 2016
My Pit Boss Tailgater was tripping the circuit breaker when plugged into some outlets at my house and strangely this one outlet when I used it would never trip. But, I recently removed an old pool and want to re-use the space for a new paver patio so I converted the pool power to a regular outlet and want to plug my smoker into it. Finally a dedicated space that is out of the way and not used for 10 other purposes. But, the smoker would trip the new outlet too. So, I ordered a new igniter and just finished putting it in. Dirty job and kind of a pain but to my surprise I was able to get the screws off (the smoker is pretty old) and the igniter out and new one in. And it ran fine no issues with the trip. So, I think I am back in business! I am not the most handy so I take the small wins when I can!
My PB1150 would trip one outlet occasionally on my deck and not others outside. When I finally checked it. It was a 15A and the others were 20A
The igniter (aka hot rod) does cause GFCI outlets to trip when they start to go bad.
To postpone replacing, sometimes you can plug into a non-GFCI outlet.
In your case, with it tripping the circuit breaker, you did the right thing.
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I'll have to keep an eye out on mine. I just had an outdoor outlet (gfci) installed and use that for my pb. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.