Fishing/Camping season coming soon, who enjoys the same?

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Smoke Blower
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Nov 21, 2013
I bought my first boat late last summer, and really enjoyed spending the handful of weekends camping and fishing. I've been storing up some food to have for the coming season, in hopes of making the whole food planning a little easier. I've got about 12# of smoked bacon, 20# of smoked and sliced cheeses, and today I'm working on corned beef hash to freeze up. I'll probably start working on some smoked/sliced meat packages for lunch sandwiches soon. I did a chopped ham last weekend, but want to do some more experimenting. I'm hoping to have food that is quick and easy for breakfast and lunches, and then we can relax and BBQ our suppers when camping. I enjoy a good bacon, eggs, hash browns, etc for breakfast when camping, but it always takes up a bit of time, and then it seems a little late to get out and do some morning fishing.
We usually have a light snack and go fishing then eat a more formal breakfast when we get back. That way we get the morning bite!

I'd recommend building a mini-WSM. Best smoker, grill combo that is easy to pack around, then you can smoke dinner while camping!!

I'm considering my smoker options for camping, trust me! Sis and brother-in-law picked up a used MES40, and they are hooked on smoking meats now. I bought a Weber Jumbo Joe this winter, and nothing better than steaks, potatoes, and corn on the cob off a grill!
My experience with breakfast depends on two things.  First how rough will the water be?  Second, how much beer do I intend to drink.  Nothing worse then greasy eggs, bacon, buttered biscuits and half a pot of coffee when stuck in a swell all morning.  Did I say  Feed the Fish?  The other thing is if it's a beer drinking event you need something solid..

I think it's always better to eat lite and bring sandwiches.  Which is a big step up from the Vienna sausage, potted meat and crackers my Dad would always bring.  Talk about some vile stuff but when you're hungry your taste buds aren't as sensitive.
The moral of that story is;

Never eat anything that isn't as good coming back as it is going down.

I never stop fishing even if I am chumming too.

We are land locked now so the most I get into is a windy day!

I am getting the take the dog camping and fishing bug too. The dog thinks the limit is three. After three he thinks it's his turn to swim.

hopefiully i will be getting my new pontoon boat this week and i have been looking at options for the boat , and i have foud a grill that will hook on the railing snd you can cookon the boat ! now it would be good for eggs but in a pinch you can cook hotdogs or even some bologna and depending on how hungry you could do hamburgers and maybe some steaks !
I am also excited for some camping, smoking and drinking in nature.  I love doing fatties ahead of time as they make a great fast breakfast or lunch in a bun.
I remember, a long time ago, I went on a fishing boat for the very first time in the waters off Savannah, my friend brought the beer and I brought 4 BIG meatball sandwich and 2 italian sausage sandwiches. I had a beautiful view of the ocean looking over the railing...all day.
going camping and smoking and drinking and fishing in to weekends... at the N. FL. Gathering... Y'all should come... :biggrin: is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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