First two smokes with MES 30

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OK, I'm hooked.  Why haven't I had a smoker all along?  Better late than never.

For my first smoke, I tried some Baby Back Ribs - my wife's favorite pork.  I followed the step-by-step provided by Bear -- thanks Bear for an easy to understand process.  Judging by the smiles around the table from the wife and her friend, the first smoke was a success.  The best flavor I have had in ribs.  They were not quite as tender as I expected but really fantastic. 

Last night I moved on to a Boston Butt.  Once again, because I am so new to this, I followed Bear's step-by-step process -- thanks again, Bear.  The results were once again terrific!  I used the A-maze-n smoke generator with pellets obtained on line to provide the smoke for both attempts.

Ready for the smoker.

Time to add Apple Juice and cover with foil then back into smoker.

The bone came right out with an easy pull.

Ready for the plate.

The butt was a long haul.  14 hours for 7 lb.  My A-maze-n went out on me after the first hour but re-lit with propane torch and Stanley heat gun and it then lasted through the night.

This was a fun experience and I look forward to the next smoke!

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That looks like you have been smoking for a lot of years.Very nice post I have to give you a point sir for the cook


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