first turkey, and question..

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Nov 2, 2005
Beautiful Long Beach, CA
Hi everyone! sorry it took me so long to post my results.

so i smoked my first turkey on Tday. first i brined the turkey using jeff's brine for 18 hours (we got a 11 pounder by the way), then at 9:30a i fired up the smoker to get it up to heat. at 10a, i placed the turkey in the smoker (i took the turkey out of the refrigerator at 9a). the temp of the smoker was about 230 deg.

well at 2pm the turkey was about 150 and just didn't seem to get any higher in temp. until 2:45p. then it started to rise again (what's up w/that? has anyone else experienced this?) well i needed to raise the temp up to 275 in order for us to eat at 5:30. and i pulled the turkey at 178deg.

the turkey turned out pretty good but, it seemed kinda dry to me, although everyone said it was the best turkey they ever had (maybe they were being kind!). did turning up the temp, make it dry? i was thinking of just smoking my next turkey at 300 for 3hrs or so. here's a pic of the turkey about half way done:


by the way, the bag on top of my smoker is the maverick redi chek. since soo much smoke is coming out the top, i dicided to just put the tranmitter in a plastic baggie. the baggie didn't hamper the distance factor!! if i had not placed the transmitter into the baggie... well i would still be cleaning it.

QUESTION inbedded:
so this weekend i'm going to smoke a small brisket 3lbs, one rack of ribs, and a chicken. on the brisket... since it's only 3 lbs, can i just smoke it starting at 6am and finish at 5p? that's 11 hrs. i was going to set the temp for 215 to 230. abet the brisket might get done before 5p since it's only 3lbs. or will that be too long for this 3 pounder? maybe i should set the temp to 200 to 215..

any help would be appreciated.

anywho, ya'all have a great weekend smokin'

Ron, As you noticed, you kind of hit a plateau while smoking. This is common, just one of the things that we have to live with. Here is a tip for the next turkey-start with the bird breast-side down for the first hour or so then turn the bird right-side up.

As for the brisket, if it gets done before everything else, wrap it in heavy duty aluminum foil and place it in an insulated container (an ice chest will work well) with a couple of hot damp towels. It will stay hot for three-four hours this way. Finish the rest of your smoke and have everything still nice and hot.

Hope this helps.
Hi Ron
I have a GOSM charcoal unit. I have a section on stove pipe that I stand on top over the exhuast vent and that lets the smoke exhaust away from the top of the smoker. I cut a small "V" in the bottom part of the pipe, so the temp. probe that comes up thru that vent won't get damaged. Does that make sense?
totally!, i'll start working on that tomorrow. i can see that the stove pipe would also help in the rain... how long of a section did you have?

Hi Ron
My pipe is standard length maybe 30 inch, it is galvanized. Just get a std. section of black stove pipe. A cap would be a nice addition, but I have a 45 degree joint i can use on the top if i want.
Ron, I have a short stack with a rain cap that I use on my GOSM in incliment weather. I'll have to post a picture of it. Mine probably stands 10-12 inches tall.
Ron, My stack unit is made up of 2 parts.

A 6 to 4 inch stack reducer

A 4 inch rain cap

I used a pair of metal snips to make two cuts down each side (opposite of each other) of the reducer, this will allow the rain cap to slip over the reducer. The picture with the paper and arrow shows where the cut is made and the other picture is a close up of the cut.

As you slip the rain cap over the reducer you will need to squeeze in the sides in order for the cap pipe to fit. Mine just sits over the vent opening. My son has offered to make me some sheet metal 'L' brackets that I can attach to the sides of the stack, the by using sheet metal screws attach the stack unit to the top of the smoker. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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