First try PP need to reheat

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Original poster
Mar 5, 2017
First try at PP in my small wood pellet grill. I smoked two boneless pork butts, one 3.5 lbs one 4lbs, together on my wood pellet grill, 225 deg for seven hours. The grill shut itself down about seven hours in and I didn't catch it till it was cold so didn't have a chance to read a temp. We were trying to do this too late in the day, and obviously should've planned better. As it was already midnight and I didn't want to get everything restarted I brought both in and pulled into several pieces each to get a look at how well cooked it was. Pulled apart but not falling apart by any means. Left each pulled in half (so two 1lb pieces and two 2lb pieces) in an aluminum foil roasting pan and covered with Saran Wrap and put in the fridge. Best way to try to save this for a dinner tomorrow night? I've looked up and I think my two options are crock pot or oven. My wife is a total freak about food safety and I know she's going to insist on it reaching 165. Will the crock pot warm it enough to hit that temp? Or is oven my best shot. Can I use the disposable aluminum roasting pan? Also what to use to moisten while reheating, Coke? I don't want to use BBQ to reheat as there are several family members that won't eat it with BBQ sauce. Thanks in advance for the advice.
I would just leave it covered in an aluminum pan and pop it in the oven at around 300 degrees. When your meat reads 195 degrees or so pull it out and let it rest, covered, and it'll come up a few more degrees and be perfect pulled pork. Done this a few times with great results.
Ouch...I would put them in disposable aluminium pan, add some finishing sauce, cover with foil and put into 325 degree oven until meat temp hits 200. Take meat out, let it rest, then pull the pork apart, add some more of the finishing sauce and just a touch of bbq sauce.
Sorry, meant to include this, but pour a little apple juice in the pan before you put it in the oven. This will provide some moisture and create some steam during the reheating process. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.