First try....didn't go to bad!

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by tddeangelo, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Finally just did it. Made a batch of snack sticks from some venison grind I'd set aside for the purpose (5lbs of grind). 

    I picked up a Cabela's Commercial Grade 1/2hp grinder for a decent price off Craigslist, and bought the auger kit to use it to stuff. That seems to work pretty well. There was definitely a learning curve to that process, but my oldest daughter and I worked it out, I think. :)

    I ran the batch through my MES for about 8hrs, and used a LEM mix and cure on the meat with Cabela's casings (I live near a Cabela's store, so it was convenient to get their casings). 

    I pulled them out at an internal temp of 153 and put them in cold water (didn't have ice...used a bus tray of cold water and threw in some ice packs, but it seemed to do the job). 

    My daughter and I sampled a bit and they were quite good as far as moisture content, weren't gamey, and seemed just right. I think the flavor was a little on the bland side, which is the LEM kit's seasoning.

    Overall, though, they came out pretty decent, and at least I have something of a start! 

    Thanks everyone...reading on here made this a lot simpler than I thought it would be!
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  2. nepas

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    Your doing good and in the stick loop, Lol

    Keep going.
  3. Thanks!

    I said to my wife that I see the smoked/processed stuff I want from game being a Feb/Mar project for me in the future. 

    I generally set aside grind for this stuff and vacuum-pack/freeze it in 5lb allotments. I am thinking that I will lay in a bunch of "bologna deer" meat for this coming winter, and then in Feb/Mar once deer season is over, I can run batches of this stuff on the weekend. I think that'll be a good after-deer-season project.....try to get most of what I know I'll want done before yard work and turkey season kick in for serious. ;)

    What's the best way to arrange these in the MES-type smokers to maximize how much you can put in the smoker at once? I didn't do a terribly good job of that....the 5lb batch fit fine, but it took up all my racks. I kind of coiled them on the racks with space around the casing (not touching itself). Do some folks make these into links, so to speak? The ones I've had made were always seemed to have been done in one long casing that was then zig-zagged in whatever they smoked it in, and then cut for packaging. 

    I also absolutely see the value of a foot pedal switch!
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  5. Lol, sorry.....pulled them and bagged them and threw them in the fridge and had to run for work this morning. 

    I'll take some pics when I slice them into lengths and vacuum seal them. 
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    Sounds like a good smoke!

    Too bad you didn't get any photos!

  7. Just lopped off a piece for a snack. 

    These may not make it to the freezer, between my daughter and I, lol. 

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    Must be good then . Nice to hear your daughter is interested . I dont use the racks when I do mine , I hang them on oak sticks . Let them age a bit , the taste gets better . 
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    Your sticks look good!

    Nice job, eat, and make more, repeat as necessary.

  10. Thanks!

    I don't think that batch will see the freezer. My daughter's hammering away at them, lol. I might be eating a few, too....maybe. ;)

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