First timers on Labor day weekend

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  1. So its been a long weekend,,,,,

    btw,,, Happy labor day everyone

    I managed to smoke my first sausage this weekend 

    and i managed to smoke my first pork t-loins this weekend

    I thought the sausage turned out great,,,

    the t-loins i know i over cooked but the fam absolutly loved em

    heres the photos so please feel free to bash on me a little for over cooking lol

    i thought these were good sausage for my first time, and no complaints so far on them

    thought the t-loins were gonna take 2.5 hours,,,,,,but after 1.5 hours at 225 the IT was 149,,,,,I thought my thermoniter was telling fibs so i left them on a while longer  (rookie mistake, i know, but im still learning),,,ill be searching the forums for best thermoniter to get btw,,,,,in short, the family loved em,,,,all done with apple smoke

    threw the taters on the grill,,,,,sorry those were not smoked

    sorry about no in between pics 
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    Everything looks delicious!

    Nice job!


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