first summer sausage hit a stall

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Original poster
Sep 13, 2016
smoking my first summer sausage today and all was going well until it hit 149 been there for over an hour. is this ok?

smoking on a mes30. smoker temp at 170. two different thermos reading the same temp.

need some advice from the seasoned veterans here
Perfectly ok. In fact, unless you used ECA, if you let them sit there for an hour already, you could pull them......they would be safe to eat. If you feel the need to get to 152, then you can either wait it out, which is what most people here would do, or you could do a water bath at 165 and it would be done in a few minutes. The reason I mention the ECA (encapsulated citric acid) is because my package said I needed to get it to 150 degrees to break down the capsule. Sounds like you are right on track, though, great job and enjoy!
Thanks for the fast replys
I did not use any eca so I'll let it sit for a little long and see what it does
I will post pics of the money shot when it's done. Didn't get any pics when I was making it as it was my first batch with all my new Christmas toys
I hope it turns out good I think I got a little fat out cause it looks like some grease in the water pan of the smoker but temp only at 170 at the highest
I've gotten a little fat out at 170, but my thinking is that it is a result of hot spots in the smoker. Even if your therm is accurate, there are still spots in the cabinet warmer than others. I had a little fat out my last summer, I just take the casing off and scrape off the was still excellent, just not as appealing to look at. You could take the casings off and rinse the fat off under warm water as well. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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