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  1. My wife just gave me my first smoker. It is a smoke vault 18. It is propane, which was not my first choice, but what the heck. I have never done this before so i am sure there is going to be a learning curve. Anybody got any such suggestions for a newbie on how to ease into this? Also i must tell you all that i am a very simple guy. My hope is that i can set it, put the meat in, wnd enjoy a beef or 3 while the smoker does most of the work.

    Thanks all, looking forward to the comments and suggestions.
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  3. dirtsailor2003

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    I've had a propane smoker for over ten years now. I'd recommend getting a tube smoker from one of the sponsors here, Amaze N Smokers. I'd get the new expanding one. It's really the best method of producing smoke in a propane smoker.

    Use the search feature here and look up "needle valve mod". If you have problems controlling temps you may need to install one.
    I have one installed on my smoker and I can easily control the temps anywhere as low as 120 to a high of 500+

    I prefer a dry smoke chamber and do not fill the water pan with water. I wrap it in foil for easy clean up and leave it dry.

    Wind is your worst enemy. Shielding the air intakes with a simple plywood screen helps.

    Leave your exhaust vent wide open when smoking. Stale smoke makes for bad Q!
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    I also have had a propane smoker for many years and the Most use it gets is with a separate smoke generator (as Dirt Sailor stated) from on of the above sponsors. i am fortunate enough to have some from both sponsors and they are both great products (i use them differently  depending on what i am trying to do) Todd and Dennis are both great to work with,
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    The needle valve mentioned above is almost a must mod for any gas smoker. Then, It is pretty much a set and forget.

    Good Luck with the new cooker.

  6. Question on the needle valve mod. Do i cut my existing line and add the valve? Or is there a way to just take the existing hose off and put on a new hose?

    I will look into the smoke tube options. My bro in law has the same unit as i have so i will ask him if he has any temp control issues.

    Thanks for all the info. I appreciate it.
  7. dirtsailor2003

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    Installing the needle valve depends on the existing hoses fittings. When I did mine 8 or so years ago, I was able to get a needle valve with a hose that had the proper fitting. I just unscrewed the original hose at the smoker and installed the new hose. Mine came from Bayou Classic.

  9. dirtsailor2003

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    Most propane smokers are not insulated and most do not have a seal around the door. Mine does not, I fact the door is tweaked a bit from me moving it too many times. To could add a nomex seal if you wanted too. For insulation you could use a welding blanket. Just be careful to leave the air intakes exposed. Propane requires good air to keep burning and not turn into a bomb. I have never had to insulate mine, and I have used it regularly when the temps have ranged from 20f-30f. It will consume more fuel.

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