first smoker build old steam tank.......lots of questions

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  1. Hello, fixin to start my first RF smoker build and am stoked. i got my hands on a old stream tank dimensions are 24" OD x 70" tall, the walls are 9/32 thick according to the tag on the tank.i found a thread by bluffton smoker on a RF smoker out of a 125 gallon propane tank that's roughly the same dimensions 

    I'm planning on doing a similar design and want to make sure the opening between the fb and cc was adequate 

  2. this is the pic that was on his post, 

    oh forgot to add im open to any help or suggestions anyone would like to share. thanks
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  4. Should make a fine smoker. Probably the easiest way for people to help is scetch up a drawing with dimensions and then they can help fine tune it. Otherthan that, i always build my firebox first and get it mounted before any other cutting on the tank.
  5. First off thanks for the help

    ok, if im understanding everything right this is what a come up with....does it look right?
    23.5 ID x 50" length... 21675 cubic inches CC
    FB volume should be about 7225 cubic inches... or larger... larger is better (mine is 8675 ci)
    FB to CC inlet 21675 x 0.004 = 87 square inches.. the same under the RF plate and the same at the end of the RF plate.... Those numbers are for good air/heat/smoke flow through the smoker....

    FB air inlets.... 21.5 square inches... 16" for the lower inlet and 5" for the upper air inlet... or somewhere near there.....
    Exhaust stack... 369 cubic inches... 4" ID stack 28" tall above the CC.... add more if you are extending it into the CC or to a plenum...

    RF plates width is 20.5" and segment height is 6"
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    Yes, the math checks out great. Off to the races! Good job, I'm sure it will work well for you, keep us posted on your progress. 

  7. in looking at the numbers, does it matter that the RF plate will be lower than the FB/CC opening? 
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    I missed that part, the RF plate must be mounted above the 7.5 inch height of the FB/CC opening.

  9. then that will give me more  area under the RF than called for, is that ok?  figures to 105.5 sq in and a RF plate width of 20.83".

    My FB to CC opening will be at 90 sq in.
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    You still need to maintain the football shaped opening between the FB/CC at 7.5 inches to get the required area into the cook chamber. Don't get wrapped around the axle if it is larger once inside the cook chamber since the plate height mounted at 7.5 inches will result in an increase in area, just make sure you have that same area at the other end of the RF plate. For example, don't leave that end too long, make sure it is the same as it is where the FB opening enters the cook chamber. It doesn't hurt to have the air expand into the cook chamber, just make sure you don't restrict it further down the line. You won't need a damn, I don't quite understand why it was listed as 7.5" on one sketch and 7" on the second with a block mounted at 8"...
  11. Sorry, i was way over thinking it, i am with you now. Thanks for all the help
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    No problem at all, it's a lot easier to erase paper than to grind out and re-weld!!!!
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    Use the circle calculator..... 1/2 of the calculated opening for each half of the football shape will give the appropriate opening size...

  14. Be looking forward to watching this build


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