First Smoke Wish Me Luck!

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Original poster
Dec 31, 2013
So I did a lot of reading and searched my area of what I could afford in an electric smoker.

I am 5 miles from a Bass Pro so I checked prices against Home Depot as well as Lowes, looked at what seemed 20 different units and bought the Masterbuilt Bass Pro digital model.

Seasoned it yesterday and today I have placed my first Brisket on the rack, as well as a few turkey legs for the Mrs.

Hoping it turns out well, it is a small cut (flat cut) about 4.5 lbs.

I have checked the accuracy of the temp gauge on the smoker (and as some said it would be it is about 50 degrees off). Bought a digital thermometer with probe and will take it up from there.

Cooker temp is about 225 degrees.

Look at it again in about an hour!
We'll it is resting wrapped in a towel or two in the cooler. Will slice it in about 1 hour to check..

Did some turkey drumsticks for the Mrs and my little man. Those were a hit!

Looking forward to the brisket!
Hey Fd1007!

How 'bout some pics of that first smoke!!??  Sounds like your gobbler legs turned out well.  How did you prepare them?  Brine? ... Inject? ... wrapped?  rubbed?

Keep the smoke curlin'!

The Wisconsin White Rhino!
The legs were awesome. I made a rub of paprika, onion powder, salt and pepper. They disappeared at dinner, like they got up and ran away!

The brisket turned out well. No pics as I was barreling the weather in and out of house. I should have wrapped it a bit sooner s it was more well done then I like, but it was tasty as well. It is all gone but maybe two sandwiches worth.

I invited the neighbor and his daughters over. We are getting hit with the winter storm across the east coast. Deal was dinner for her to shovel the little bit of driveway I need cleared and front walk and porch!

Beef went well with the loaded mashed potatoes, honey glazed carrots and seasoned country cabbage along with the Sam Addams winter lager!

Next smoke will be beer can chicken and I will take the time for pics. Don't think it will be tonight though... Lows in the low teens today.
Sounds great! Keep warm out there!! 
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