First Smoke Turkey.

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Jan 25, 2022
Did my first Smoked Turkey(s) this last thanksgiving(2021). Did 2-20lbs Turkeys (I come form a big family, my parent have 6 kids, 35 grandkids and 5 Great grand kids). Started cooking at 5:00am and I miss calculated the time I told my family when they would be ready. Finished about 3 hours early and had to call my family to let them know the turkeys were ready and we had to move up the dinner time. Couple of my sibling weren't happy about. Grumbling because their rolls or potatoes weren't ready. I told them the turkey the most important part of the meal and they will thank me later. The turkey turn out really good and I didn't have any left overs home. Here a couple pictures of the the cook. Anyone else have stories of cooking their first smoked turkey for thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving 1.JPEG
Thanksgiving 2.JPEG
Thanksgiving 3.JPEG
Smoked turkey is awesome, glad yours came out well. Looks great! I agree it’s the star and it sounds like everyone was on board…tasting is believing😀! Great job!!!
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Great looking Turkey! You crushed it for your first go! My first TDay Smoked Turkey was a disaster . . . before I joined SMF. Rubbery with Creosote flavor. Nobody was even polite enough to pretend that they liked it! Thankfully, my wife was suspicious of my skills, if not my passion, and had an oven option that saved the day. A lot of upsides to the experience, my family had a good laugh at my expense, it still gets brought up to this day, and it motivated me to be more studious in preparing to smoke!
I practiced on a 5lbs chicken a couple weeks before. The rub and seasoning I used was horrible and it was unevenly cooked (bad fire management). I was super nervous cooking the turkeys. I change the seasoning and was super vigilant watching my temps.
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