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  1. well here there are.  my butcher saved 7 lbs of the blends of pork cuts he uses for Italian sausage. ground it and followed a recipe i got on the forum.  half are spicy with dry red wine and half are mild and i used ice water for them instead of wine.  cant wait to smoke these babies on saturday.  i intend to hot smoke them at 225 with apple or maybe i will use my old fav ,  cherry, not sure yet.  i think i need to try the apple to experience something different. i always have good chunks of cherry and maple around and i tend to use them for everything. this is time for something new!

  2. cool zebra sausages on top right , blend of two without cleaning out stuffer
  3. disco

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    They look great. Please post more Qview after smoking.

  4. hey there fellow canadian.  not too many of us on this board that i have seen.  I am more than half the country away though!

    got lots cooking this weekend.  Smoking sausages and a blade roast on my Charbroil silver.  then on the weber i will do a beer can chicken.  lots of good meat!

    will have pics on saturday
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    Yeah buddy

    Looks great
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    Looks nice!  Cant wait to see the q-views!

    Good Luck!

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    Yep...looking forward to the pics....enjoy the smoking
  8. Those look great and a "perfect" job in stuffing! Can't wait to see some smoked.
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    There are several Canadians on the Forum, eh.

    For that kind of meal, I might make the trip! It sounds great!

  10. cant take the credit on the stuffing, my wife did that part.  I think a woman's hands are better for that task. lol

    I just ran the handle and fed in the meat.
  11. how long do you think they will take at 225? IT 160 or 180?
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    about and 1.5 to 2 hrs
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    I'll be waiting for the final pics as well. Your wife did a great job with the links!!. Reinhard
  15. Looks great so far.

    Happy smoken.

  16. well here there are!

    ended up smoking them with cherry and maple after all.  no charcoal just wood.  smoked them with a friend! a little blade roast.  notice the fresh oregano sprigs in the 2nd water pan from left.  this was more for the beef.

    i pulled them off at IT 165.  ate some then and was blown away at the texture.  i also cooked some on my weber kettle with indirect heat, those are the ones on the right.

    i didnt know what to expect and thought the smoked ones would be burned tasting but i was wrong.  a bit smoky for some of the guests , but most loved them. 

    Here they are after cooling in the fridge 24 hrs in ziploc.  3 on left were the spicy wine ones. i dont want to sound like im bragging but i cant believe i made these!!!  havent been smoking long and the hardest part was fire management with my char broil silver.  other than that it was very easy.  i recommend anyone thinking of trying sausage to jump right in and go for it!!!!!

    next time i think i will use lump charcoal and apple smoking chips for a more controlled smoke flow even though it means adding chips every 15 - 30 min.

    eating them now with a very hoppy Mad Tom IPA by Muskoka Brewery, yum wish i had some nice cheese!!!

  17. forgot this pic. wish i had room to hang sausage in the smoker to eliminate reverse grill marks
  18. boykjo

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    Nice job....... Look around locally and see if you can find some natural casings and give them a whirl..... Joe
  19. was thinking that , my butcher has them and uses them for all his smoked products.they are more expensive but after watching endless youtube videos it seems like natural casings are easier to work with except the rinsing stage.  they sure do seem more strechy!
  20. Looks Great. My local butcher shop will sell me casings. Pretty cheap as well. I try to drop him off a sample of what i am making. My thoughts are. If he knows i know what to do with what I'm buying. Maybe he will help me have better ingredients. I think it also helps if i call my order in.

    Happy smoken.


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