First Ribs this Summer, Chef JimmyJ

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    These are the result of my first run on the NB Horiz. this summer. I used the Minion Method for the Charcoal fire. I placed about 2 lb of charcoal, Hickory chunks and Apple chips in a double stack of 9X13 disposable aluminum pans with 3/8 inch holes poked thru the bottom and sides every 2" or so. I then fired another pound in a Chimney and placed it on top with a wide open intake and stack. In about 20 minutes the smokers was up to 225*F with some sweet smelling TBS. I placed 4 SL cut racks with the rib tips, flat on the rack and shut the damper down to 3/4 closed. I was amazed at how steady it stayed, fluctuating between 200* and 250* with the associated damper adjustments as needed. I used a rub that was basically a mix of 8 parts oven dried Brown sugar, 2 part Cajun Seasoning (my version) and 1 part Chinese Five Spice. I sprayed the ribs with the Wife's Coffee and rotated the ribs every half hour. I only needed to add another pound of Charcoal at the 2 hour mark and tossed one or two Hickory chunks and a handful of Apple, depending on the smoke output. I ran the smoke for 4 hours then panned with Coke and foil for 2 hours. Ribs were a little dry at the thin end ( I need to MOD this sucker with a damper plate and tuners!) but other wise moist and pulled away from the bone with the slightest tug but not "falling off the bone". The thick Rib Tips were "running down your chin" juicy, with a tender med rare Steak consistency.The pictures were taken with my Daughters phone, so not perfect but you can get a feel for how good these came out. Oh yeah by my calculation this Smoke was running at a comfortable 2-3 Yuengling Lagers per Hour with one application of SPF 50, still got a bit of a burn on my bald spot!

    The Rib go on... Check out that Sweet TBS!!!!




    The bottle contains my Red Bubba Q Juice...a Carolina style, vinegar with some ketchup and brown sugar sauce. The boat is a Strawberry--Balsamic Vinegar sauce that is Sweet and Sticky. The Baked Beans are Chef'd up B&M with chopped bacon, onion, and some other additions, my Mother-in-law was from Boston so she was a big part of the development. The Tuna Mac Salad is her recipe also, really good as a side or a light lunch. The Chicken in the back got away from my "rooky" assistant so although Extra Crispy was still not bad...He knows to listen to me and not make the same mistake again! If any of these recipes are desired, send a PM.

    At this point I would like to Thank the Member's of this Forum for taking my limited Smoking skills and providing your years of combined knowledge to turn this meal into a Great Adventure!...JJ[​IMG]
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    Looks Good Jimmy...
  3. Great looking meal Jimmy...thanks for sharing the Q-View!!!
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    Looks like you put together a great meal Chef!  [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the support guys!   I have been looking at other members Qview and notice that although our ribs look similar going in, mine came out significantly more brown. I was measuring the smoke temp at the center of the rack but did not think to measure the firebox end ( no baffle or tuners ) because I was rotating every 30 minutes. Do others use some Cure #1 in their rub or brine? I did not finish with any sauce because I usually make more than one and some like'm naked. Could it be from my use of 4 hours of smoke and 2 hours foiled, all at avg. of 225*F, the texture was perfect? Even though I sprayed w/Coffee, should I be using a water pan?  Opinions???...JJ
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    Beautiful lay-out there neighbor!

    Looks mighty tasty.

    Darker brown could be a combo of the Brown Sugar and that 4th hour of smoke. (Just guessing)

    I don't use any cure on Ribs, except on my cured "Bacon-on-a-stick" Spare Ribs.

    Thanks for showing,

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    that is a very nice looking meal i give you a solid 10..[​IMG]
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