First real try at BBB 2 ways Kind of.

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by shtrdave, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. shtrdave

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    So last week I did the CS Ribs cured like BBB and they didn't come out the way I thought they would, but they were very lean and that seems to maybe have been the problem as there was little to no fat. I also had it the fridge 3 butts curing to be done this weekend.

    I did these with 1T TQ plus 2T Brown Sugar to a pound rubbed and bagged into fridge for 2 weeks turning every second day.

    Decided to do 2 hot smoked with apple and 1 cold smoked with maple.


    AMNPS burning well with the maple pellets



    Had to relight it once and then had to do it again got the fish pump out for this time had some nice thin smoke coming out of the top of the smoker checked it about 3 minutes later still nice smoke, went to bed, this is what I found when I awoke.

    It went out, not sure how to keep it going in my smoker, next time maybe I will put the air tube on the floor of the smoker. It had some smoke flavor to it but not a lot.


    Hot smoked the other 2 they are on the left in the picture.


    Hot smoked sliced.


    Cold smoked sliced.


    Some cooked up, hot smoke left, cold smoke right.


    And packaged up for the freezer.


    All i all this turned out better tasting and I cooked more of it and made sure to brown it much more than the picture above, and it did have a better baconey flavor. I really liked the cold smoked stuff better as it seemed closer to bacon in texture and even taste uncooked. My slicer sucks it doesn't do a great job but then it was only 50.00 from Cabelas a refurbed Waring, I need to dig out my 12" globe commercial for a better job, but the thing is so darn big. I will be doing more of this in the future, I just need to figure out how to keep the AMNPS going inside the box.

    Comment s and advice for future quite welcome.
  2. tjohnson

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    Great experiment for cold and hot smoking.  I did the same thing, and decided we liked Cold Smoked Bacon much better

    The color alone is different.

    I think you can cold smoke for more hours and achieve better results.

    Is that a Cookshack?

    Intake air is very limited in the Cookshack, SmokinTex and some other electric smokers, without an intake vent.  I experimented with my MES, by sealing up the chip loader and slipping a tube up thru the drain hole, hooked up to a cheap $7 aquarium pump.  Without the pump, the pellets burned out in less than an hour.  With the pump connected, I got 12+ hours of good smoke.  Try pushing a small hose up thru the drain hole in your smoker and connect it to your aquarium pump.

    Let me know?

  3. shtrdave

    shtrdave Smoking Fanatic


    Yes it is about a 12 year old Cookshack Smokette,.

    I the one picture you can see the tubing from the air pump, I had it on the whole time and it still went out, when I bought a fish pump I got a larger one for a 60 gallon tank. I am going to just lay it on the bottom next try.

    Do you think I would be better off plugging the air intake and just running the pump tube in or leave the hole open and run the tube up through it?
  4. bearcarver

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    All looks Great Dave----Both ways!!!

    I got a tip for you on the CSRs that end up dry after curing & smoking, especially the thinner pieces.

    Slice it thin, like dried beef. Then vacuum pack it, and freeze it.

    When you thaw it out & open it up, don't ask me why, but it is nice & moist, and makes an awesome snack food.

  5. smokinal

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    Dang Todd,

    Now you have me thinking. 

    Your R&D is awesome.

    I don't have a problem with my AMNPS going out but I love to modify stuff. This looks like a fun thing to do.
  6. tjohnson

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    Got the idea from Roller

    He has an Analog Masterbuilt and did the mod right away.

  7. smokinal

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    Dave your BBB looks really good & I'm with you on the cold smoking tasting better.

    I have a couple of chunks in the fridge now curing.

    I tried to pick the most marbled pieces with the fat cap attached to see if I could get it to taste more like belly bacon.
  8. bluebombersfan

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    Good looking bacon!!  I have two chunks of belly curing now.  I have an MES30 and am interested in trying out the fish pump too.  Great idea!
  9. slownlow

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