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Discussion in 'Pork' started by kbr0125, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. kbr0125

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    Just started to smoke my first pulled pork with lots of advice from you great smokers a little about my rig, it's the cheap 100 charbroil offset that I got on clearance for 50$, I added a new temp guage to the top it sits 2.5 inches from grate when closed. Add one at grate level on the side closest to stack. Also added one to firebox. I have a melaverik on the way but won't get here till today at 1300-1400.I creates a firebox out of the home depot harder steel, I added a bottom baffle to spread out the temp, as well as put a little pan with water.

    Here is smoker.

    searched forum how to prepare and used mustard to help rub stick. Bought some rub at lowes.

    Let smoker get to 240 and put me at on takes a lot of watching to keep it at 225, there is a 15 degree difference between sides. Hopefully it won't make a big difference.

    Safety first

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  2. Look good so far

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  3. noboundaries

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    Looking good!  A butt is the most forgiving cut of meat you can put in your smoker so it will turn out delicious. 

    Do you have twins?
  4. Looks good so far. Keep the lid closed and be patient. It is done when it is done not when you want to eat.

    Happy smoken.

  5. kbr0125

    kbr0125 Fire Starter

    No, my girls are 4 and almost 3.
  6. noboundaries

    noboundaries Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Just had to ask. We have twin girls who had similar pink chairs like that.  They are grown and married now.  Amazing how quick that happens. 
  7. kbr0125

    kbr0125 Fire Starter

    That's a long time away lol.

    I'm trying to do research on mop. I know it's the brush aND brush the meat as it cooks but what do you use as a suave to mop on it?
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  8. inkjunkie

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    In my opinion no mopping is needed with a pork butt. They are very juicy to begin with. Just remember if you're looking you ain't cooking...
  9. b-one

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    Let us know how that rub is,I had a different one they make it was really good! You may want to look up a finishing sauce they can add moisture and great flavor to your PP,not that it won't already be moist and flavorful already. I agree with IJ mopping will slow you down!
  10. kbr0125

    kbr0125 Fire Starter

    It's so hard not to look at it, the smells coming off cooker makes me more hungry. I'm having trouble maintaining 225 with lump charcoal. It's fluxuating arround 205-240. Seems like charcoal is burning quick. Using royal oak. I have the vent 3/4 to full. My maverick should be here soon waiting for mail man. I sealed all gaps of smoker with red rtv so only smoke leak is arround firebox door. I tested all my thermometers with boiling water and I have a digital one sticking through lid where I cut a little rtv ouy of way.
  11. joe black

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    Welcome from SC. That butt really looks good. My first one looked like something that I had picked up off of the road. The heat management will come with practice. Just remember to keep the stack wide open and make your temp adjustments with the air intake dampers. Also just make small adjustments and be patient with the responses. Good luck and good smoking, Joe
  12. kbr0125

    kbr0125 Fire Starter

    Just did a modification on the spot, the stack normally sticks down 1/4 inch from top. Put some aluminum foil to extend it to grate Temps are getting a lot hotter. Edit: a lot hotter

    Very excited.
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  13. kbr0125

    kbr0125 Fire Starter

    Firebox, too much coal or not enough?

    Should it be loaded to top?

  14. damon555

    damon555 Smoking Fanatic

    For something that will take as long as a butt that basket should be plum full.....and then some probably, especially with lump.

    I hope you started that thing before your first posts time probably won't be done until 9 tonight and then it's gonna need to rest....The advice about keeping the smoker closed is golden.....heed it!...

    Nice lookin' butt......let it ride
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  15. kbr0125

    kbr0125 Fire Starter

    I started it about 2 hrs before post. It's been on there arround 6 hrs Maybe a little less. I have not checked the tenp waiting for my maverick to get here. I only want to poke once.

    Here is picture, iv had temp fluctuations. I had to remove all charcoal to clean all the ash out was starving the charcoal.

    The bark seems really dark, iv been checking temp of smoker a lot and I have not seen it past 240 yet.
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  16. b-one

    b-one Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Looking good!
  17. kbr0125

    kbr0125 Fire Starter

    Just got my maverick thank you usps. Amazon had the 732 wireless for 59.99 or the 733 for 69.99 and it also included bear claw meat pulling things. Spent extra 10$ and got the 733 with free pullers.

    Temp of meat is 165 and smoker says 235. Temp has been going from 220-240. The wind is blowing in the direction of firebox vent. Might be my issue.

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  18. kbr0125

    kbr0125 Fire Starter

    Update: temp is 176 in this picture, shortly after had a grease fire. Pulled meat as quick as I can to let it burn off. Almost dropped it, did give me a chance to taste the fatty piece that was stuck to grate. Soo good.

    I decided to wrap it and put a little apple juice in bottom. Hopefully this will stop another fire. The meat is cooking quick now, the temp of meat is going up very quick compared to no foil.

    Thanks everyone for help!

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