First Prime Rib W/ Q-View!!!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by bigboy, May 25, 2013.

  1. Acme had a great deal at $5.99/LB so I grabbed a 3 bone 7.37 pound prime rib for $44.15.

    All rubbed down and ready for bed. Removed the popper and seasoned with McCormick's Montreal Steak Seasoning then topped off with a decent amount of Kosher Salt.

    The Prime Rib is waking up and so am I!

    Here's another pic after a night of resting and with the plastic wrap removed. I let it sit out for roughly 2 hours while I got the WSM ready.




    I didn't lift the lid until everything was done but this was the temp when I placed it on the grill.

    And after.

    Here it is before I let it rest. I covered this pan in foil and let it rest for an hour while the taters finished up. The smell was AMAZING!

    And now to the goodies! I decided NOT to reverse sear the meat and just smoke it. I smoked this prime rib for roughly 4.5 hours at 230 using only pecan wood. My wife took these pictures and outside of one pic being a little blurry she did an excellent job. EVERYONE loved the food!! My oldest daughter after a couple of bites said "this is like a religious experience" which got a good laugh from everyone LOL! Enjoy!

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  2. oldschoolbbq

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    Bigboy, please add you location to your Profile. I don't know where to go to get a price like that and would probably get 2 at that price...

    Thanks and. . .
  3. I'm in Delaware County Pa and got the Rib from the Acme in Newtown Square on Thursday.

    Thanks and......??? What was next? Lol
  4. foamheart

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    Sure looks good.....
  5. seenred

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    The PR looks delicious!  Nicely done!

    Look at Stan's signature...its how he always signs off

  6. Gotcha. I'm on my phone and the mobile versions doesn't have the sigs.
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    Their really is an Acme store?  I thought that was coyote/roadrunner lore.

    Looks delicious BTW.
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  8. That's looks great, the color of the meat is beautiful 
  9. Yes, it's real lol. They're usually on the pricy end but had a really good deal this time.

    Thanks! It was the best prime rib I've ever had!
  10. And a damn good breakfast as well!
  11. They had the Prime Rib for $6.99/lb on Monday so I grabbed another and froze it!
  12. bearcarver

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    That looks AWESOME, BigBoy!!! You're hooked now!!!

    Prime Rib is my favorite smoke!!

    If I could, I'll give you, my neighbor a couple tips:

    Don't set the meat out before smoking. That 2 hours added to the 4 1/2 hours of smoking puts you in the Danger Zone for 6 1/2 hours. I go from the fridge right into the smoker (pre-heated). You were probably OK, because you didn't temp probe it too early.

    The other is, stay alert the week before Christmas----Our area has had Standing Rib Roast for $4.99 for 2 years in a row during that week.

  13. reinhard

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    Wow that looks great!!! Simply a great job. Also some tasty ribs as a bonus. Reinhard
  14. Thanks and you're right, I am HOOKED!

    Thanks for the tips, they're very much appreciated. A lot of the recipes and research I did prior to cooking this had some leave the rib out for 6 hours before cooking so I figured it would be ok if it were out for an hour or two while I got the smoker ready.

    I also inserted the probe pretty much as soon as I put the rib on the smoker. Was that temp to high or something?

    $4.99 per pound?! I can't wait for that! Is it a local market near you or a chain that may be around me as well?
  15. bearcarver

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    Don't believe everything you read. That guy who sets his meat out 6 hours before cooking might not be with us any longer.

    If whole meat is injected or probed before cooking, that means we have to treat it like ground meat, which means we have to get it from 40* to 140* IT in no more than 4 hours. This is why we don't let it set out before smoking. This is also one of the reasons I don't inject. And this is why I don't insert my temp probe until around 3 hours into the smoke, and then I sterilize the probe before inserting it.

    The $4.99 (Prime Rib) the week before Christmas is Giant, and sometimes Weis' Market.

  16. dewetha

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    the whole 4 hours thing. I wonder what science is behind that.

    Bacteria is killed by high temperatures.  Once food starts to approach 145°F, the bacteria starts to die. Prepared foods like soups and stews need to be kept above 140°F until they are served in order to prevent bacteria from starting to grow again..

    some good reading
  17. bearcarver

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    This always comes up.

    I got this from Martin "DDF".

    The link was good just a few days ago, but now it is a "Page not found".

    But I will say it has been a rule accepted here & all other smoking forums that I know of for a long time.

    According to Douglas Baldwin, the rule is gathered from information in the US Food Code but not succinctly and specifically spelled out, that's why, even after MUCH searching, I wasn't able to find it previously.

    Quoting Douglas Baldwin..... "the US Food Code requires that such food can only be between 41°F (5°C) and 130°F (54.4°C) for less than 4 hours (FDA, 2009, 3-501.19)".

    So, "40 to 140 in 4" to make it easy to remember and for an added margin of safety!!!



  18. I have one frozen that I'm thinking of smoking for Father's Day. How should I go about thawing it out?
  19. demosthenes9

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    Put it in your fridge on Wednesday or Thursday.   
  20. In the fridge and ready for Sunday!

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