First Prime packer

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Aug 31, 2014
Well I was going to cook a brisket this weekend but my GFS store was all out. Then I was looking in the club stores and it turns out Costco has Prime packers and there only $2.99# not much more then GFS,needless to say I got a membership hopefully we use it enough to justify. It will be lightly trimmed and smoked with cherry and pecan in my WSM.
Same here, no Costco within 100 miles that carry Prime packers! 

Sorry to hear you guys don't have access to any,at least at reasonable prices.
What's the best part of waking up? This brisket is going in my gut!
I need to cut a hunk off to fit my current WSM,pondering an upgrade to 22.5.
I could use a few slices of that right now! Looks good!

I'm still amazed at how expensive brisket has gotten, it's ridiculous.

I'm amazed how much it is some places as well,$3 for prime doesn't seem to bad I wouldn't cook one at $6+ prices I have seen.
Brisket looks spot on! Nice smoke!


Thanks DS, need go get some sides around and see how the rest turns out. I stuck it in a dish with a rack so it wouldn't sit in its drippings and covered with foil I didn't want to totally wrap it but the won't eat any if it's got a thick bark unfortunately.
Holy moly this thing is a PITA! We had to run out and let the temp hover in the low 200s it was 171 IT when we got back added some coals it dropped to 167 IT. Went nowhere for quite awhile so I opened up all the vents got the WSM running a little over 300 trying to avoid pizza tonight current IT 177.
Looks wonderful, Great color. points for sure, At least your getting it cheap there. Last Brisket I went to get I stopped at a butcher shop where I was working, $120 for 11#...... So needless to say I didn't buy it. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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