First Pork Picnic Smoke

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokemastermike, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. Hope this goes well tomorrow, everything is prepped, wrapped, and ready to go tomorrow morning. I think I'm going to use apple juice in the smoker instead of water. Also using apple wood chips. I know Smoking Meat recommends a mix of Apple and Pecan but I don't have any pecan.

    Applied mustard

    Applied the rub

    Wrapped up

    Ready to go when I wake up, I'll be sure to post more tomorrow.
  2. woodcutter

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    Looking forward to it!!
  3. aceoky

    aceoky Smoking Fanatic

    Also will be watching!
  4. Alight, I'm about 3:45 in with a IT of 132 F and I'm starting to think from looking at other posts that I didn't use enough rub.

    Any thoughts/suggestions?

    Would it make sense to pull it and apply more rub?

    Also thinking about spraying it every hour from here on out with the 1-3 park Apple Juice/Rum, thoughts?

  5. Looks good   Keep us posted

  6. Keep the door shut and get that puppy up around 200 internal temp, doesn't make sense to apply more rub at the point. You could spray it but you'll just lose heat every time you open that door and it will only extend your cook time. Never done a picnic roast but it is looking pretty good.
  7. Maybe going light on the rub will turn out to be a good thing. That looked to be a big, flat piece of meat you rolled and tied, right? Put a thick layer on and roll it, the salt and other stuff wouldn't have any place to go. Could have ended up over salted and nasty.

  8. Hope you're right, thanks Scott!
  9. Decided to make "Brunswick Stew" with some of the pork that's coming, will be a good lunch this week @ work. It calls for BBQ sauce so I made "Slim's Sweet & Sticky BBQ Sauce" from smoking meat.

    First time making BBQ sauce.

    About ready

    Looking & tasting good

    Resting in the fridge until the pork is done
  10. 7 hours in, Internal Temp = 160 F

  11. crazymoon

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    Show us a money shot when its done ![​IMG]
  12. Been stalled at 160 F for a little over 2 hours, turned the temp of the smoker up to 250 from 240, hoping that helps move things along...
  13. Looking good, be patient

  14. It appears we're past the stall ~170 F IT

  15. 14.5 hours later, it's finished and worth the wait!

    Had to finish it off in the oven for the lat 1.5 hours but it's still very good, the BBQ sauce I made really hit the spot too.

  16. Nice looking Pork, how did your sauce turn out 

  17. sota d

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    Nice looking piece of pork! I posted a thread yeasterday of a picnic smoke also. I did the 3-1 AJ, rum spritz and it turned out great. Made a nice bark. But it looks like you got a nice bark without a spritz. Good job! David.
  18. Nice work!
  19. dirtsailor2003

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    Nice looking picnic! I got tired of the stall and started running my out at higher temps for pork shoulders and picnics. 265-285. Other than taking less time to smoke I've found no other difference in the final product.

    Your New Brunswick Stew should be great!
  20. Stew sound good, that kind of day around here


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