first butt

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 30, 2007
texas , queensland
G,day peoples
story is , i found out late saturday that i would have sunday almost free but for some repairs i have to do on one of my vehicles ( roo damage repairs ). so i thought ah ha smoke time so into the freezer i dived and came up with a frozen butt that i have been waiting for the chance to smoke, being so big ( about 10 pounds ) and frozen solid i didnt want to chance it not being thawed in the morning so i ran it over my band saw straight up the middle and cut it in half , that should speed up the thaw and the cook time. the i decided i would cook one half to slice temp and leave the other half in to pull temp .
rubbed em both with jeffs rub .
and at 10.30 am sunday morning in the weber they went , with some chunks of pecan wood .at 7 pm one had reached 175 internal so out it came for slicing.

i am very very happy with the bark and the flavour .the other chunk of butt is still in the weber as i write this waiting for it to reach pull temp,
the smoke ring is not as good as i had hoped but the taste is good enough for me.
by the time the other one is up to temp it will be time to go home to bed , i am doing it at our shop ( store ) so i will have to pull it in the morning when we get back.
probably a bit hard for you guys to understand but my wife runs our take away shop 7 days a week 7 am to 7.30 pm and we dont leave for home until about 9.30 pm . so the only time we are at home is to sleep .in the winter we hardly see home at all in daylight.


G'day eh!

Just not nice to tell folks ya pulled one off for slicing and no pic for us to drool over .....

It's a shame you couldn't keep it intact ... I think they cook better that way ... others may differ on that.

Meat looks great ... wish I was there!
More pix please!
Good lookin stuff there johno. Thanks for sharing with us.

Keep Smokin
ok i took the other half of the butt to 195 not enough time to go any further.
then wrapped it in foil then in a thick towel then into the esky ( cooler to you guys ) then went home and left it for the night . came inot the shop this morning and took it out and it was still just warm .
pulled it my first pulled butt came out MAGIC .
wont be the last time i do these.
by the way cutting it in half to cook it aint so dumb cos i worked out , yes its quicker , but also gives more surface area which means more bark .

i dont think there is much difference deb . they are about equal .
although the sliced is a bit easier and quicker to cook and serve.
i have put some pulled into a bread roll with some jeffs sauce on it to take to work today ( going tractor driving ) should be a nice tasty lunch.
maybe after i have had lunch i will have a preference , to one or the other . is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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