First brisket

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Feb 5, 2017
Just got a 14 in weber and can't seem to raise it to 250 (high at 240 low 210) I throw in about 5-7 cold briquettes and a chunk or two when it gets that low. Vents are at full throttle. Is this normal? Should I heat the coals in a chimnew first? Cooking a brisket I halfed and put on the lower and upper rack.
How are you starting the fire?

It sounds like you are just not starting with a big enough fire.

Start about 10-12 briquettes in a chimney starter & put them on top of a full ring of unlit charcoal with wood chunks mixed in.

Here is my setup, but this is with the 22.5, same principal just a larger scale.

Leave all the vents wide open until the temp gets up to where you want it.

Then start shutting down the bottom vents until the temp stabilizes.

Keep the top vent open 100% all the time.

Hope this helps!

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I also moved this to charcoal smokers.

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