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Discussion in 'Beef' started by packerfannate, Jun 21, 2011.

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    I am new to this forum and haven't posted in a while.  I have been smoking though and had some great success.  So far I have done chicken drum sticks, chicken quarters, beef spare ribs, bone in pork ribs, boneless country style pork ribs, and turkey drumsticks.  All have turned out great, though the skin on the turkey drumsticks was quite tough.

    My wife came home with 2 beef briskets that she found on sale at a local supermarket.  I will be smoking them this Saturday.  Any tips? I have read some of the forums here and have a pretty good idea as to how to do it.  What are your thoughts?
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    There are so many ways to smoke a brisket. You should try the search feature, just type in brisket.

    The default method is smoke until 165 IT, wrap in foil with some liquid & back on the smoker or in the oven until IT is 195 for slicing or 205 for pulling. I like to take it to 205 for slicing. Make sure you catch the juices and save them for au jus.
  3. What Al says is the perfect place to start. Nothing sucks more than calling up the pizza man on your big brisket barbecue day!

    Once you're comfortable, then you can play wild with it. I cannot stress the importance of resting the meat more than anything else.

    Like Al, I think brisky is best sliced at everyone else's pulling temp - about 205 - because then the slices melt in your mouth. That means I will pull it from the heat at 195-200, wrap it up in foil and plastic, wrap it up in towels, and park it in a cooler for at least an hour. It helps the juices and the heat reach an equilibrium while it slowly braises its way to cutting temp.

    If you like bark (which I do) I leave the fat entirely on it, but score it crosswise to allow the spices and smoke to reach the meat, then trim the bark off the surface of the fat before wrapping, and serve the bark just like you would burned ends - to tantalize your guests. After the rest period, you can trim off as much of the fat as you like.

    For rubs, I find that basic is best. here is my favorite brisket rub:

    1/4 C black pepper

    1/2 C Onion powder

    1/4 C garlic powder

    1/4C cayenne pepper

    1/4C mustard pwoder

    2T brown sugar

    this covers a whole packer.

    Good luck!
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       What AL said   [​IMG]

    Don't forget the Qview
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    Al gave you  a great advice for the  Basic  how  to do a brisket. the rub is a personal flavor  some like  to put the brisket  in a rub a night before some like to put liquid in the foil .there are plenty

    ways to skin a brisket.
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    Al and Moose gave you great advice but I would still use the search engine. There are lots of great ideas and you might just find something that you will like.
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    all great advice above....definitely use the search bar for ideas/info before hand...allow yourself plenty of time. Good luck and post pics...

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