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Discussion in 'Pork' started by djstight, Nov 21, 2014.

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    I have a MES 30 and wanted to try pulled pork for the first time. This was my 4th smoke and it was by far the longest.

    Seasoned with rub and let sit in fridge for about 12 hours

    Put it on the smoker about 9:30 at night.  Had a AMPS to try for the first time as well.  It didn't smoke very long, so most of night it was cooking with no smoke.  I need to figure our what I did wrong there.  Woke up about 6:30a to check progress and add a thermometer.  It was about 165 meat temp.  Below is after 17 hours it hit 195.  I probably should have waited for 200 or 205, but it is still good

    I could not get the AMPS to fit on the bottom so I put it on the bottom rack under the dip pan.  Not own here because I just started feeding though the tube once I was awake


    Used 's finishing sauce that I found on this site and it was pretty good. Let me know if you see anything that looks wrong haha

    Se you next smoke

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  3. I do see one thing wrong.......I don't have any of that pulled pork!

    Looks great. Nice job!

  4. I have the same gen 2 30" MES with an AMNPS and i can highly recommend the mailbox mod.  From everything i've read on here, the AMNPS won't stay lit in our smokers on its own.  Below are some pics of how i did it.   I would also recommend microwaving your pellets for 45 sec and then another 45 secs before starting the smoke and following the other directions on the forums about letting it burn for 10 mins before blowing it out.  Once i started microwaving my pellets and switched to the mailbox, i didn't have any problems having it burn for hours.  


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    Very nice, love the bark,  Dang now I am hungry 
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    Looks great!
  7. Nice butt. Outstanding bark. Really nice looking piece of meat.

    Though I don't use an MES ( I have a Smokin-It #2), I had some trials and tribulations with the AMNPS. I tried microwaving them, but that didn't seem to help. Some good folks on this forum recommended baking them at about 275* for 1-2 hours prior to using. That seems to work well. I also am giving the dust a try and that works well also, and likely will stay lit better than the pellets. The dust will work in the AMNPS maze. I also plan to use the dust for cold smoking. 

    There is bound to be some folks here who have made that AMNPS work with the Gen 2 MES. You will likely have several suggestions in a day or two. 

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