First beef ribs in MES 30" (Qview)

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Dec 8, 2013
New Harmony Utah
I am know for my beef ribs in several states....LOL!  I am known in all the areas of CA I lived in for my beef ribs and BBQ sauce and then when we would vacation in Montana that part of the state, I would be asked to make ribs while traveling.  Now that I live in Southern Utah, people are discovering my ribs.

Well, I am so in love with smoking right now after three attempts with cheese and one turning out correctly, a turkey and some ribeye steaks, I decided to try my ribs. 

I was not real impressed with the ribeyes because I like them savory and not a fan of smoke on my steaks.  I will say the left overs were awesome though.

I know you guys say to follow the 3-2-1 method and I am sure I will at some point, but for today I am merely substituting the smoker for the oven time.  I usually cook the ribs tented in the oven at 200* for 3 hours and then let them rest for an hour and put them on the gas grill and mop them with my from scratch sauce.  So today I put my rub on them and put them in my 200* MES 30" with hickory.  I will pull them out in a couple hours and let them rest until we get home from church, (about 3 hours) a bit longer. I have done this before as long as over night and it doesn't seem to matter as long as you wait at least an hour.

Crud, I forgot I took the pics with my phone, I post Qview in a minute from my phone via tapatalk.

Here's the View.

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I kind of thought my smoker was getting dirty and I should clean it.  It is pretty new.  I have smoked butter, cheese, a turkey, some steaks, and now these ribs.

Here are the ribs out after 3.5 hours and the makings for sauce.


Forgot to put out the red wine vinegar and minced garlic.



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Yep, I had my fill but there was only one left, so I ate it.

I practiced on these so I can do some I custom ordered that were cut from standing rib roasts.

Next a ham.


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