First beef brisket

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  1. Well I am going to try to smoke a 16 lb. beef brisket in a master forge propane smoker. What is a good rub that I can use or make at home.
  2. youre going to TRY and smoke a 16lb brisket?...i dont think i like that attitude...say it with me "im going to smoke a 16lb brisket! Im going to smoke a 16lb brisket!" id start with a simple salt,pepper,onion,garlic as a base...then add what ever you think yall may like from there. brisket doesnt need anything too fancy.
  3. Ha,ha.yes your right. I am going to smoke a 16 lb. brisket. We were looking at throwing some potatoes and corn in the top of the smoker. The problem I have is there are only 2 of us so I have to freeze a lot of the meat after its cook or can I cut the brisket in half. Don't know which way to go yet.
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    Like T&B said, SPOG is a good basic rub for beef, I like to keep beef simple and let it's own natural flavor stand out.
    Freezing it is fine. I do that all the time and pack in individual servings so I have lunch or dinner ready whenever I want in just minutes. A vac sealer is really Great for this.

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