First BDS Smoke

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Master of the Pit
Original poster
Apr 17, 2006
Garden City, MO
I took delivery of my BDS last week and finally got to fire it up today. I was impressed for my first time out. The smoker performs as represented and am very happy with the purchase. Finally got enough room for the big smokes.

I smoked a brisket, two fatties, a chub of bologna, and 8 andouille sausages for lunch. The brisket was a choice grade 14.50 lb. packer and was done in 7 hours and 15 min. I pulled it at 188° and coolered for about 2 hrs. and 45 min. Great flavor and excellent bark. The smells off this smoker are definately something different and I really loved the flavor.

Here are the fatties and bologna:

Here are the sausages:

This is the brisket just before pulling to cooler:

And sliced up for dinner:

The BDS ran at 235°-240° the whole time. I only to make an adjustment once I got it going once due to wind and a rain shower:

Last, but certainly not least, I had some very good help. I think he's got the bug:

That BDS looks like the deal. Sure turned out some good looking eats!
Your help is off to a good start, will be smoking alongside you in a few years.

OOOOOOOOOOOOO that's a sweet little pint sized package you got there! She is getting so cute!

And the supper looks good too!
Very good looking vittles chad seeing that brisket makes me want to cook one. Looks like your helper has everything under control.
Allright! I was going to ask if there were any "Drum heads" here at SMF! And you got the jumbo too! Nice work Chad! You ain't kidding about the smell, I love it. Although I'm not a BDS owner, I do have a 38" drum with 2 cooking grates and have a turbo lid and a Weber lid that I use. I'll post some pics soon.
Mainly barrels was the problem Tom. To get the capacity I wanted I was going to have to buy two or buy something else to make one work. I didn't really want to use used barrels either. The BDS barrels are heavier gauge metal and welded, not crimped.
There are a couple here swamp. You, royknives, and me are the only ones I am aware of.

Didn't really miss anything Stars. Like I said above, to get the capacity I was looking for in this cooker I was going to do alot of running and spending of the $$$ and pretty well spending BDS money anyway. Shipping is the real kick in the butt on the BDS to me and theres not much to be done about that.
Great looking grub Chad.Looks like Mini Mag is sproutin like a weed.I am getting tired of cooking in my propane unit,just got a deal on some tubing so I have to get going on my charcoal burner.
Good Looking groceries ultramag. That boy got you smokin on that BDS proper and in record time... you two will make a pretty good team

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