First bacon in the smoker, along with pastrami

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Oct 27, 2013
connecticut USA
Here is a thrilling non stop action shot

Did four different variations of bacon cure based off (papa's?  Forgive me if i got the attribution wrong) bacon cure thread. Some with pepper, some with homemade teriyaki, Black pepper,  Spicy Ancho and red pepper. 

I did a little test cook of a slice of each.  It turned out good. we will see how they all play with the smoke.  

The pastrami is the same cure as i used on my venison pastrami.  My family ate 10lbs of that in less than 2 weeks. So i got a 10lbs chunk of beef pastrami started.   3lbs will be for corned beef, the rest pastrami.  I am going to start a venison batch again also.

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