First all lump smoke, no gas assist w/Q

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ameskimo1, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. So I purchased the dual fuel last year so could enjoy some smoked foods while learning to control temps and also for easier winter smoking - I live where its coooold in the winter!

    Decided yesterdays pork butt would be an all lump charcoal (Royal Oak 100% Natural wood) and wood smoke (oak & hickory) - and after a lot of reading and watching it went pretty well. 

    Although I intended not to foil, I ended up foiling at 6 hrs and finishing in the oven. Being Fathers Day and a festival in town, I had a very late start, but I'm satisfied with the results. 

    Brushed on Captain Morgan and Dr Pepper then S&P rub with a little onion powder, in fridge for about 14 hrs, then sprinkled with some Paprika & garlic powder and a little brown sugar.

    Sorry, no pics of the pull, it was about midnight and I was ready to be horizontal.

    Some notes: first two rounds of coals were up and down between 180 or so to 275. After that things calmed down and ran a fairly steady 250. Foiled and to the oven 164, the clouds were moving in and starting to get late. 2 1/2 hrs at 285 and out of the oven at 190. Rested with open foil about 20 mins and pulled. Meat was tender and very juicy but didn't pull as easily as I'd like - but that was the resting it missed.

    Very tasty! Looking forward to more wood smokes! 

  2. Looks like it turned out damn fine!!!
  3. knifebld

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    Nice looking butt ameskimo1!

    Resting for at least an hour in a cooler would definitely help, but try waiting a little longer and only pull it out between 200-205F next time...this will make it fall apart!

  4. Thanks guys! It is tasty, and the color came out great. I'd say its skill but I'll give color to the paprika and occasional swash of capt morgan/dr pepper. Right now it is in chunks. I may try to slowly reheat with some of the juices tonight and see if I can break it down bit smaller. Otherwise a little sauce on the side and the best pork roast ever!

    I usually run these to a little over 200 and rest on the counter for a few hours but was just too tired last night.

    Looking forward to my next all coals smoke! 
  5. bworthy

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    I also have a dual fuel Masterbuilt, have not done a charcoal only cook. Did you use the pan that comes with the smoker and how often did you have to add more lump?
  6. Bworthy - love the dual fuel smoker, outside of replacing the chip pan with a cast iron for wood chunks/chips, I've had no issues with it.  Up until now I have used gas at the lowest setting (barely turned on at the tank) and some wood chunks in a cast iron pan. 

    This smoke I started off with a chimney about 1/2 way burned and dumped it in the cast iron pan. The temp initially went to about 275 but came down quickly so I pulled out the chip pan that came with the smoker and used it as a second bed of coals. I had to fill both again at 30 minutes the first two times but after that it really settled in and I would add some hot coals to one or the other and some wood chunks maybe every 60-90 minutes. It was about 85 outside with a stiff breeze, both bottom vents were usually closed with the top wide open. 

    On one of the lump refills things got a little too smokey as I should have left them in the chimney a little longer. Had to leave the door open for about 10 minutes.

    I have to say it was much easier to control than I thought, after all of my reading and video watching I decided to go with lump charcoal as they say the hot coals last longer and with better flavors. One day I'll try straight wood coals but this worked out great this time.
  7. bworthy

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    Thanks for the info. I also use the cast iron pan for my wood chunks (not chips they only last about 20 minutes). I have put some Royal Oak lump charcoal in the pan with wood chunks but have used the burner on as low as I could go to keep a constant temperature. I'm gonna have to try a charcoal only cook soon.

  8. bworthy

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    Oh by the way, good looking result on that butt. I did my first one on Saturday that turned out pretty darn good, even got compliments from my dad.
  9. Sounds like we're using the same methods on the smoker. I never had much luck with charcoal grills in the past but seems the chimney makes the big difference.

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