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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by dovibbqjunkie, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. dovibbqjunkie

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    I am getting ready to finish my smoker build in the next few weeks. I have one question though, can run heat through the smoker before painting? I was told that paint will not adhere to the metal once heated. My smoker is fully insulated cabinet smoker. With it getting warm, I am just getting anxious to see how it preforms before it gets painted.

  2. Your not painting the inside are you?
  3. dovibbqjunkie

    dovibbqjunkie Newbie

    No paint on the inside, I am asking about painting the outside. Can I run heat through the smoker before painting. I understand that it will need to be cleaned of oils and etc, before paint, but someone told me that paint will not adhere to metal if I run heat through the smoker before painting. I will prime it then paint.
  4. Not true, We do a test run on all we have built to see if we need to make any changes before pianting

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    If that was true you wouldn't be able to weld the smoker together. The only thing you risk is getting the exterior surface dirty from the combustion process. Which once cleaned you will be able to paint.
  6. If it's insulated the outside shouldn't even get hot. let's see some pics of this bad boy.:yahoo:
  7. The insulated one we built you could lay your had on it


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