FINISHING SAUCE (for Pulled Pork)

Discussion in 'Pork Sticky' started by soflaquer, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. smokinal

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    Yes you do!
  2. flash

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    I'll have to play devils advocate and state both the wife and I were unimpressed. It's ok, but we'll stick to our favorite sauces. [​IMG]
  3. smokinal

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    If you don't mind giving up your recipe, what do you use Flash? I would really like to try it.
  4. flash

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     Simple stuff like bar-b-que sauces. Blue Front, Jeffs, Mrs Davies and Dewey's Dirt Road are our usual choices. That's want I finish it with.
  5. branson

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    As usual, the sauce was a big hit yesterday. Thanks for posting this recipe!
  6. stix818

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    I'm getting ready to use it for the first time.. Should I pour the entire amount in the pork I smoked on Sunday?  The pork hasn't been torn apart yet.. I left it in chunks until today when we eat it.. The pork is about 6 lbs.. I appreciate any recommendations!!
  7. bmbrboi

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    Got a modified version of this mixed up and ready for my butts that should be coming off in a few hours. Thanks for sharing!

  8. travelinman23

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    Hey Jeff, this is just in time! I will most DEFINITELY be using your finishing sauce recipe today. I'm not doing a butt, but I've got 4 shoulder steaks on the grill that are just going to sit there all day. Once they get tender enough I'm gonna pull them apart, put the finishing sauce on, and savor the "oohs" and "aahs"!
  9. flyweed

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    I think you are comparing apples to oranges here.  First you are comparing bbq sauce to a "finishing sauce" they are two totally different animals.  finishing sauces are just suppose to add back some moisture and a bit of seasoning to the final product.  BBQ sauces are adding much more to it than that.

    this is a great finishing sauce for pork hands down..but it is NOT a replacement for slopping up the meat with big bold bbq sauce flavors.

  10. daggerdoggie

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    I think this finishing sauce is the best.  It's very similar to the Carolina Sauce sole at Piggy Pats  the only "real" BBQ place in my area, and that's an hour away.
  11. travelinman23

    travelinman23 Newbie

    That is exactly what I found out this afternoon when I put the finishing sauce on the pork. It was fantastic, but I also added some of my KC barbeque sauce on top of it. Couldn't stop eating the stuff, it was like candy! Many thanks to Jeff for the recipe.
  12. Anyone ever try it with Sriracha sauce or another hot sauce rather than red pepper flakes?
  13. gersus

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    This finishing sauce is AWESOME guys!

    gilds30 - Try it! I think it would be just fine with hot sauce.
  14. This may have been posted earlier--I haven't memorized the entire fifteen pages...I simmer for 15-20 minutes, then strain, removing the flakes but keeping a good bit of the pizzaz...
  15. j1musser

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    I started using this finishing sauce this year. My wife and fam cant get enough of it. I got elected to serve 80 people this year at family reunion this week .A little nervous but hey its butts low and slow with finishing sauce, i cant lose!  I got butts on the smoker now and the thought of this sauce makes me salivate. I will never put bbq sauce on my pulled pork again. I am no pro but this makes me get the responses of one. Thanks for posting this, i am a HUGE fan!
  16. Well i got a 8lb'er  on the chargriller as we speak and I'm going to try finishing sauce for the first time this recipe is all over the Internet when you search pulled pork finishing sauce and I'm ready for it! one quick question do you use it warm right off the stove or can you make it ahead of time and keep it room temp or refrigerated?

    Thanks all this site has been fantastic for info!

  17. I always keep some in the fridge for easy access!
  18. I guess that's my answer do you warm it up or use it cold when needed?
  19. daggerdoggie

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    I just keep mine it the cupboard.  Really, there's nothing to go bad in it, but then again, it doesn't last long and I always double the recipe.
  20. Wow guys the sauce is fantastic!! i don't think i can go back to the q sauce simply delicious! [​IMG][​IMG]
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