Finished my second ever brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by arminho, Oct 8, 2016.

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    Just finished my second brisket ever, and thanks to users noboundaries, skooter,uzikaduzi, and hardcookin. They gave some great advice in another thread. 

    Picked up an 11lb prime Packer cut fro Costco on Friday to celebrate my birthday.  

    Fired up the egg around 10pm with BGE lump and three large pecan chunks. While that fired got going, I trimmed the brisket best as i could (which I don't think I'm good at trimming yet, tried to leave about 1/2 inch of fat). The fiance got me an awesome 12 inch slicing knife as well as a handy boning knife for my birthday, so those were put to use today!
    Salt and pepper according to Franklin's recipe. 

    Threw it on at 12:30am, grill temp was 249. iGrill 2 probe inserted into the thickest part of the flat. 

    By 4am, meat temp was 163F. 

    By 5am, meat temp was 177F. 

    By 6am, meat temp was 180F. 

    I stayed in the 170s and 180s for a long time it felt like. I graphed everything, and they can be found in the link below as well as pictures. 
    Think I hit another plateau at the 190s which I reached by 7:15am, however, I didn't get out of the 190s until 10:44am. 

    Pulled it off 12:04PM once I hit 203F and I probed with a thermometer. The point was like melted butter. The flat had a tad of resistance. 

    Wrapped it in butcher paper(fiancee got me a huge roll of that for my birthday as well!), and placed in a makeshift cooler with lots of towels. 

    Let it rest until 2:40pm at which point I sliced and served it up. 

    My impression: Better than my first brisket, but still unsure if I overcooked or undercooked. I didn't get as nice of a smoke ring this time compared to the last smoke. 

    Pics can be found here: 

    Any thoughts or advice? Tasted good and was plenty juicy. Glad I let it rest this time!


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    Once I hit 190 I start the tooth pick method with the flat. If it goes in and comes out like butter its done. Once you get the temp too high it will get touch and dry on you again.

    It looks good from what I say I would just suggest start looking at texture at 190.
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    Yep, what Brian said!

  4. arminho

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    That's a great tip. Will definitely try that next time. I did remember thinking "Man, I got into the 190s in under 7 hours, surely it can't be done that quick!" 
    Thanks Al!

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