Finally starting my Oklahoma Joe Highland

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by totallybasted, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. At last I have everything I need to set up my new Highland for reverse flow. I am installing a baffle plate, moving the chimney, sealing everything with rtv, sealing doors with lavalock, installing toggle latches to doors, putting a drain in the baffle plate and building a firebox.
  2. More photos to come...
  3. Coming right along...
  4. I know its not a custom build from scratch but this is my first attempt at a smoker. Did a lot of research and I think I have made it my own!
  5. Nice job    Looks like you have a nice smoker, Now fire it up !!!

  6. You certainly have made it your own.  I know Gary said fire it up, but I'm assuming you are going to move it outside first! 


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  7. Yes indeed. Just fired it up for seasoning. Its cold here and I wanted to be comfortable putting it together. Don't have a workshop. Only a poorly lit garage.
  8. Well lets see some pics !

  9. TB . Flash makes it look thicker. Temp regulating... The van is about 10 feet away. Hakuna Matata!
  10. Wow . The middle is actually 10 degrees warmer than ends. Happy happy. Disregard 170
  11. Nice  

  12. Had a leak in baffle plate so I didn't use it as a water pan. I added one on the firebox side and taadaa. I couldn't be more happy. Thank you all for your advice . So much help from the forum.
  13. mtime7

    mtime7 Fire Starter

    time to see some meat on that thang
  14. I could not agree more. Stay tuned...
  15. mtime7

    mtime7 Fire Starter

    well what's it going to be, ribs, brisket, maybe a butt? Wish I was there..
  16. lendecatural

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    Great job!!!
  17. I want to try it with a long steady cook and not a 50$ piece of meat so this weekend I am doing 2 Boston butts. Forgiveness is devine.
  18. Can't go wrong there  it should be good

  19. pulling-pork

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    Nice build. I'm looking to do a lot of the same except not doing the reverse flow. A couple questions.What are the dimensions of your charcoal box and convection plate? Thanks in advance.

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