Finally started my RF trailer build

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Mar 12, 2009
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This project has been in the works for months, but we finally got the time and the pieces together.  Went to pick up what was supposed to be a 500 gallon tank, and it turned out to be a 300 gallon.  Had to make some changes to our plans.  Project went from a 330 gallon cook chamber to a 240 gallon.  I can't complain about the price.  basically free.  Brought the trailer out.  another freebie.  And away we go.  

First day we filled and cut the tank.  Burned it out.  The leftover pieces are going to make a nice RF patio unit!  We also had time to tack it on to the trailer so that we can begin fitting all the pieces.




The cook chamber is 8 foot and a few inches for good measure.  24 inch diameter.  The wall thickness is 5/16.


Day 1 Progress
Day 2.

Today we built and attached the main structure of the firebox and warming box.  We are using 3/16 steel that we got for less than a 1/4 of scrap cost.  The firebox is 24 by 24 by 30 inches and will be double walled with rock wool between the layers.  The warming box is the same size, just on end.  Should give me an additional 1800 sq inches of cook / warming grate area.   Also fit and tacked the outflow pipes.


Day Three Progress

Closed off the side of the firebox, and warming box.  Did a TON of welding under the guidance of my partner.  Cut the flow holes between the cook chamber, firebox, and warming box.  Cut the air inlet holes.  Cut the doors.




With an impending snow storm, we wont get much done for a few day's.  I will update as we get things done.  Hoping to have smoke flowing in two weeks!
Nice start so far,can't wait to see where its going!I think your going to be able to fit a whole cow in there!!!LOL
Just wait till you see the 5 foot by 24 inch wide charcoal grill that's going to mount on the other side of the trailer. LOL

I figured out today that we will have 3200 sq inches of grill space in the main chamber, and 1800 sq inches in the warming box.  Should be enough for two whole100 pound class pigs.  Not a whole cow but close enough lol
Well we finally got back to it today.  Since we are waiting for the guy to deliver some gas for one of the welders, we decided to cut out all the pieces to the charcoal grill that will be mounted to the trailer as well.  We are using 3/16 steel.  We cut out a bunch of hinges, and the adjustment plates for the charcoal baskets.   Cut the main body except for a few tabs, and bent it into shape.  Tacked on the end pieces for now, and called it a day.   The grill is 5 feet long, and 24 inches wide in the middle.  Should give me about 1400 sq inches of grill area.  Only get to work a day or two a week on this, and the snow has been playing heck with the days we have.  I'll keep updating as we get stuff done.



is there a reason for the size of this monster...........not that there needs to be, gonna be an interesting build to watch.
We will be hitting the competition trail pretty hard this season.  I have six on the schedule right now.  On top of that we do regular charity type events for our local fire dept and church fund raisers.  This will likely be over kill for these events as well, but you never know what the future holds.   My production guy kind of shakes his head, but I want to do as much of this build as I can to learn about what it takes.  Never ask anyone to do something your not willing to do yourself!
Nice, Very Nice!!!!!   LOL Go-Big-Or-Go-Home... thats what I say.

Just sayin!!!!!

Oh, gotta hate it when your waiting on gas, them fancy welders don't do to good without it.
Just as an update.  Don't have any pics to update, but we got the top half of the "meat coffin" grill built, and installed the charcoal tray adjustment brackets.   We have been playing heck with the weather and deaths of family and friends.  Three funerals in 3 weeks. =(  Today we have ice and snow with temps at the 10° area for a high.  Trying my patience thats for sure.  We have our patio model to get going as soon as were done with this monster.  I will post pics as soon as I can.
Well I got to spend some time working this weekend.  We got the firebox double walled, insulated, and sealed up.   Took a lot more time than I figured, but it's better to do it right than rush it.   After we got it all together, we ran a weed burner inside of it for about an hour.   Temps inside the firebox were 500° to 600°, and temps on the outside skin were 100° to 125°.   It was really an impressive demostration of how affective insulating the firebox can be.  Making me really want to get the rest of this build finished so I can fire it up and see what she will do!

Here I am welding in the frame and spacers on the door. 


Putting the rock wool in.


Welded on the outside of the door, and hung it.  Feels solid, and swings very easily.



This is how we stuffed the insulation in the other parts of the firebox.   We tacked the bottom of each plate on.  filled with insulation, then tacked them into place.  We then tacked on these pieces of scrap to create a funnel affect to get the rest of the insulation in.  worked really well.


Expecting 10 inches of snow tomorrow.  Hopefull we can get some more done this week.  
That door looks pretty freaking Sweet!!!!   I like the design, alot.

Any chance you would share the info on how thick the insulation space is, along with the pricing and where you bought the rock wool?

That door looks pretty freaking Sweet!!!!   I like the design, alot.

Any chance you would share the info on how thick the insulation space is, along with the pricing and where you bought the rock wool?

we are using 3/16 steel, and the Insulation space is 3\8 of an inch all around.  We used 3/8 square stock and bent it around a pipe to fit the corners.   The insulation we used I got from a place called the "Grow Depot"  Rock wool is also used heavily in hydroponics as a plant medium instead of dirt.  Here is the link:   

If I had to guess you can find this stuff locally at a hydraponic stor and save yourself shipping.

Have to agree, I love the way that door looks.

Will you have a lip the door seals against?
Yes, we will not only have a lip on the outside, but we are planning on fire rope on the inside gap between the plates.  Should seal it up really well.  We could only see a few degree's difference between the center of the door and the edges during our test, so I dont think we really need to, but every little bit helps! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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