Favorite cut for jerky?

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by smokin ts bbq, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. smokin ts bbq

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    I made jerky 3 times. Twice unsuccessful and once perfect. I used a pot roast and a skirt steak for the unsuccessful cooks. And a sirloin roast (I believe it was called) for the successful one. I was wondering. What's your favorite cut to use for beef jerky. And what can I do to ensure success every time? (I know for one of them I just forgot about it and went eat lunch with my friends instead of watching my pit. But the other time. Idk what happened) thanks guys.
  2. tjohnson

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    We purchase 1/2 beef every year and I use all the round steaks and round roasts for jerky

    These are a PITA cuz you have to trim a lot of fat and membranes before making it into jerky

    When I run out of round from my own beef, I buy "Eye of the Round".  It has a fat cap and a few other spots fo fat, but far less trimming is necessary.  I buy it at Restaurant Depot for $3.50/lb.
  3. crankybuzzard

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    Yep, eye of round is the way to go. Minimal silver skin, mostly just exterior fat, and nice straight grain.

    I slice it against the grain about 1/4" thick, marinade and then dry on the smoker. I use a dehydrator as well, but the smoker gives it a much better flavor IMO.
  4. dukeburger

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    Agree.. Tried several cuts over the years and eye of round is my go-to now. However, a little more expensive, you'll make it back with far less trimming than a bottom or top round.

    I sometimes cut with the grain for a chewier texture, but been cutting against the grain a lot more lately. Lost a bunch of teeth this year (unrelated). [​IMG]
  5. muralboy

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    I've been successful with London broil. Usually very lean. Nice thickness for making jerky strips cutting against the grain
  6. smokin ts bbq

    smokin ts bbq Fire Starter

    Thanks guys. I bought an eye of round At the store today for $18 (a little expensive) and got some really nice slices out of it (sliced against the grain and then into 4x1 thin strips.) I was able to fill up a half gallon bag with it. Currently marinading in the fridge till tomorrow. Will post pics after its done. Thanks again.
  7. chef jimmyj

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    Eye round is quick and easy. But, for me, you can't beat Top Round for cheap price and shear volume of Jerky. Fat is the enemy of jerky. Store bought beef is so lean that a lot of fat on top round is rare and other than the surface and two small seams, there is no major connective tissue...JJ

    Notice...A little connective tissue on the outside. A seem down the middle and one on the right side of this pic. Lots of Jerky waitin' to happen.

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  9. crankybuzzard

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    Wut? :dunno

    Oh, I get it, you mean whole muscle jerky ground between your teeth as you eat it! :drool
  10. dukeburger

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    I got a jerky gun as a gift a couple years ago. It's still in the retail box in my pantry, i opened it to use the mesh grate once.... Always been curious to try it just to say I have, but still haven't gotten around to it [​IMG]
  11. alamojoe

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    I usually use brisket flat . .around here brisket is usually the cheapest beef so I try to do a lot with it - burgers, meatballs, pastrami, etc.  It makes delicious jerky but it's definitely too fatty for long term shelf storage.  It will easily keep for a day for snacks on the go or lunch, etc.  I've taken it on week long backpacking trips in moderate temps (ie - 60's and 70's) with no problem, also. 
  12. dukeburger

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    Been thinking about trying some brisket for jerky [​IMG]

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