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Smoke Blower
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Feb 27, 2011
Denver, CO
Rather than ressurect a two year old thread on favorite brews I thought I would start a new one. I am curious as to what everyone's favorite beers are? I am thinking I need to broaden my beer horizons a bit.

I have two go-to beers:
  • Yuengling
  • Rolling Rock
Both Pennsylvania brews :) Unfortunately Rolling Rock was bought out and moved to Jersey a few years back. A lot of my friends parents worked at the brewery in Latrobe. What a shame. It still remains one of my favorites though.

What about you?

Edit: I thought I posted this in the Beer section, don't know how it ended up in general... sorry! Could a mod move this to the appropriate section please?
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I grew up in Ohio, and Rolling Rock was the beer to drink. Been in Florida 41 years & I drink Molson Ice now, Yuengling Black & Tan is also a favorite. Also like Killians Red.
I'll take just about any IPA. I like a really hoppy beer! There's a loclal brewery here called Four Peaks and they make a seasonal Abby ale that is just awesome.
In order of preference:

#1---Miller High Life

#2---Pabst Blue Ribbon

#3---Rolling Rock

#4 through #5000-----Anything cold, except #5001 & #5002.



I have grown to like a old beer making a comeback... Hamm's, It sure has a great old time beer taste to me. My brother and i collect beer memorabilia and Hamm's is the holy grail of old beer advertising. We went to a Hamm's collectible show... started tossing back a few and my latest beer affair was started. Give it a try... it isn't bad beer.
#1 sam adams octoberfest

#2 dos equis ambar

#3 yuengling larger

#4 land shark

#5 bud light lime

#6 i can go on and on i love beer.
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I would Trade my left Testicle for a cold bottle of Yuengling I use to drink it when I was stationed in the North East best beer I think I ever drank.  Here in Texas though I am a Shiner man through and through.
Favorite beer is tough. My favorite beer I have ever had I cannot find in the US. It is  Slovak beer called Smadny Mnich.

For beer I can get here, my favorite is probably Racer 5 IPA which is brewed in Northern California and I can only get it when I am out there on business which is about once a month.

At home, I drink mostly Harpoon IPA.

Almost any IPA will do for me and I do like a whole host of others. Wish I could get Yuengling   up here as it is by far my favorite cheap beer.
Well, I am a beer snob and although I can't nail it down to 1 or even 3 favorites, I am a beer connoisseur to the 10th power.

Most cringe on what I will spend on beers many times being $20 for a 12oz 4pk

I suppose I will name a few favorite Breweries




Great Divide

Oscar Blues

I like anything from an IPA to a Stout and usually gravitate towards high gravity and oak aged.

The guy at the specialty beer store I live near by knows be by first name and his eyes light up when he sees me.

I think he named his motorcycle after me too. lol

Unfortunately, I am not rich, I just have rich tastes. LOL

However, I have found a really good and relatively inexpensive high gravity stout that for the price I buy and drink a lot.

Brooklyn Breweries Black Chocolate Stout (10%) and it is only $6 a 4pk of 12oz bottles.

Not my favorite but my favorite for the price.

May still sound high to some but keep in mind it is a 10% alc beer so 1 is like 2 of others.
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