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  1. Just tried out Downtown Brown the other day.

    It was really good, like almost over-toasted bread.

    Unfortuneately, I spend most of my usdual beer time this vacation with my good friend Johnnie Walker, so no other new beers recently.
  2. Lost Coast makes some great beer. I love their Indica IPA.
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  3. roller

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    Miller Draft
  4. flash

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    Any of you that have ABC's in your neck of the woods, can do what my wife and I do. Mixed a 6 pack of any beer they have in the store. You are charged "singles" price, but then get a 15% discount. Good way to do some test on the beers out there. I finally found some Sam Adams that I could stomach this way. [​IMG]

     We've tried over 100 different beers now.
  5. fife

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    I like the new Shock top it is not bad at all.
  6. kjlued

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    We have ABC stores here and they don't sell beer or wine, only liquor.

    SC is the same way.

    However, we do have some specialy beer stores and grocery stores that sell individal bottles.

    Some offer a discount and some don't.

    However, the ones who don't usually have a cheaper price.
  7. Bevmo breaks down 6-packs on occaision, and offers individual bottles at a fair price, but still not as economical as a build your own 6-pack option.
  8. bearcarver

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    I have never seen so many fancy schmancy beers!

  9. Just the tip of the iceberg Bear.
  10. Sweetwater IPA. Unpasteurized, hoppy, citrusy, high alcohol content.
  11. kjlued

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    The citrus flavor comes from the type of hops they use and I look for that in a hoppy beer. 

    If you like that, try Hopslam from Bells Brewery.

    Damn near perfection when it comes to that type of beer but it is a little pricey.

    It is a seasonal and a little hard to find but it is currently available until it sells out which probably won't be long.
  12. dougmays

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    [quote name="smokinstevo27" url="/forum/thread/104083/favorite-beer/40#post_610646"]
    Sweetwater IPA. Unpasteurized, hoppy, citrusy, high alcohol content.

    Is that from ga? I think ive had that in atlanta and it was great!
  13. kjlued

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    Yeah SweetWater is an Atlanta Ga Brewery.
  14. biaviian

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  15. I like the two hearted ale they make. I generally like west coast IPAs better but Sweetwater IPA is definitely my favorite and I can get it in the grocery store. We have a couple of really good places around that sell craft beer and I'll have to see if I can get the Hopslam. Thanks for the tip brother.
  16. I'm getting to be very fond of Anderson Valley Brewing Company.

    They make a nice local product, and their Boont Amber Ale is solid.

    I'm personally an ale guy, through, and through, and they make a nice variety of original ales. I wouldn't say anything I've tried by them could ever be "the best", but for a local, homegrown company, they're respectable.

    For something truly local, my home county has two great brewries: Third Street Aleworks and Hopmunk, which produce some killer flavors. Third Street makes one they call "Sleeper Wave" which I'm sure is made with a bit of brown sugar in it, it's rich, and heavy, somewhat like gulping down a blanket, Their American Wheat could be good, but last I tried it, I picked up some distinctly banana-like notes that I couldn't stand. Out of everything on Earth, bananas are my lest favorite edible, so it tanked that.
  17. flash

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    Hopefully better than the Sweetwater 420 [​IMG]
  18. kjlued

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    420 is not a bad beer.....not a great one either, but the brewery is a pretty decent brewery.

    The thing is great beers never get popular.

    Look at Bud Light. It is the number one selling beer in both America and the in the world.

    Where if you get bud light nice and cold, it tastes like like cold water with a splash of piss for flavor (not that I know for sure but would imagine).

    That being said, 420 was the beer that made SweetWater popular.

    Now that was partially to a great name and advertising but you can't expect greatness from popularity as most people in the world would spit a great beer right out.

    Last year I though SweetWaters happy ending (a 9% Imperial Stout) was pretty good. But this year when it came back out and my tastes have progressed I would just rate it ok.

    Of course many people would not like it because it has too much flavor, but I think it does not have enough. lol

    Also, getting a beer while it is fresh is a myth started it by Bud with their born on dates.

    It was an advertising campagne started several years ago (and a successful one at that).

    However, the fact is that many good beers need to be shelved and get better the longer it sits.

    I am going to try to let my KBS sit up for a year, but it so damn good, it is really difficult. lol

    Some of my Backwoods Bastard has been up for 6 months but I don't have much left. :(
  19. Had some 2 Hearted nite before last. Love it.
  20. Picked up an Irish-style beer made with Sorgham that I'm looking to try. I can't recall the name off the top of my head, but it's a red ale, and the local beer department at my favorite grocery said some rave things.

    Come to think of it, every time I see this Sorgham beer, I always remember the episode of Cheers where Sam slurred ordering "some more gum" on his supply order, and recieved a case of sorgham. They couldn't return it, and instead set it in bowls as snacks instead of nuts. Norm developed an affinity for it, and Woody kept telling him that it would give a shine to his coat.

    Sorry, we only get old broadcasts out here on Titan...
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