Fassett's breakfast sausage 1st time

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rod g15

Smoke Blower
Original poster
Feb 27, 2013
Alta Vista, Iowa
1st time making Pop's breakfast sausage. Heard so much about it here, I had to try it. Also 1st time posting a pic. Hope it works.
Just sprinkled the seasoning on, is that the way to do it? No water added to dissolve it in. Easy to make!
Packaged in bulk 1# packages.
Thanks for looking, Rod.
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RG15, Looks good,  I take it you added the seasoning as the mixer turned? That will do the trick. I usually add about a cup of water to the seasoning per 10 pounds of meat . I then leave in the fridge for a day or so to let the seasoning permeate before freezing . That is just my way and I'm sure your sausage will be fine.
Yes, gradually sprinkled it on while mixer was turning. I make mostly sausages that get smoked, so I'm used to adding water cause of the sticky mix with cure in it. Seemed to mix well, thanks.
Looks great Rod - You will love it. - Pops is the man.  
Fassett's is a great base. I like to add garlic and sometimes chili pepper flakes.

I just sprinkle it over the meat and hand mix. We gmdona course grind and don't like to over mix.
Looks great,, Nice job,,, yep good and good base to start with and add other flavors, I added cure to mine, linked and cold smoked for about 4hrs with apple wood.

Great taste,, 
Haven't tried it yet. Probly will on the weekend. After I see how it tastes maybe I'll customize the next batch.
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