Fall colors

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Jan 18, 2020
Western Colorado
Weather has cooled down. A buddy is having a crayfish boil next weekend, so I volunteered some Andouille. Still amazes me the color the smokehouse brings. Smoking season is on folks! At least up here. Some may have to wait a bit, hams are next.

The color change!
Looks good. Beautiful color. What provides smoke to your smoke house?
Propane burner with a cast iron pan as a heat defuser and smoke producer with wood chunks. This was smoldering apple.
Wow. Great color for sure.
Thank you sir, they’s beautiful.
Beautiful work!
You are most kind Jake. Thank you sir.
Beautiful. That's not color, that's colour!
Sound exotic that way....:emoji_laughing:
Thank you crash. I have to agree, I like the colour!

WOW just WOW!! That’s just gorgeous!
Thank you Mr. Jeff. I love the colors of a fall smokehouse.
Me thinks the andouille is going to front stage the mud bugs for a bunch of high air eaters.
I think you are correct. Bugs are being flown in from Louisiana the day before, why I’m not sure, because we have plenty here in Colorado clear cold water, but hey that’s how they roll. Last year I brought andouille but they had store bought several hoops, well they all ate my sausage with the main meal, then eventually ate the other around midnight for snacks. I think the sausage is why I was invited back, I’ll take it, free food and beer. I’m a sucker.
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Nice coils and like others have said , great color.
Can't be just for your sausages that you were invited back.
But what ever gets you in the door

Thank you David. This was 10#, wishing now I would have doubled it. Then again it’s smoking season, so much more to come. When you are 20’s-30’s a case of beer opens most doors. At 50, anything smoked they hold the door for you. Lol
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Wow...and I mean WOW!! That is some amazing looking sausage. Extremely well done. I bet a few folks are gonna be loving some of that. I know I would :emoji_wink:

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