Fajita Fatty

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Original poster
Feb 19, 2017
Here was my first stab at a fatty. Taco seasoned ground beef, pepper jack, peppers and onions, jalapeños, and bacon. Smoked with maple pellets for about 3 hrs. Turned out really well. Sprung a leak at the seam and lost some cheese, but oh well. Next time I would overlap the seam to better secure it. Last picture was after eating and it sat for a while, so it was kind of dry at that point.
That looks great..... I think I may copy this recipe... 
Looks like a keeper to me!

Fajita fatties are great!  As for the cheese leakage, that means you put plenty in!  Most well stuffed fatties will have a leak or 2.
Wow great idea!  Thanks for posting it.
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