Excited about my new Master Forge Dual Door (plus a couple questions)

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May 29, 2010
~10 miles north of Boston
I picked up a new Master Forge Dual Door early this afternoon.  I have an MES30, but wanted something I could leave outside w/out having to worry about wires corroding--I'm either going to keep that for smoking in the garage on rainy/bitter cold days, or give it to a friend who's been thinking about getting into smoking.

It assembled in ~20 minutes w/out a hitch.  There was a ding in the top from where something had banged into the box, but a hammer and block of wood knocked it out in a second.

I seasoned it and am planning on tossing a mess of ribs in it in the AM so I can surprise a couple WWII vet neighbors with a bit of lunch.

Question #1:  The cover I was sold comes down to the bottom of the box/body, leaving the controls exposed to rain/snow (see picture below).  I poked around here, hoping to find a cover that's at least 48" tall so that everything important is protected.  I didn't see anything that appeared to fit the bill.  Any recommendations as to cover brands and/or where to buy?

Question #2: I've decided to try using chunks instead of chips, or possibly in combination with them.  After reading many threads, I've seen lots of responses like "a few chunks" or "some chips," but nothing that makes it clear to me what would work best (or at least be a reasonable place to start).  Sooo...I was wondering if someone could post a picture of their chip tray loaded and ready to go--preferably one that will be used in something similar to a Master Forge.

As always...many thanks!


P.S.  I have an AMZNS, but am interested in trying out chunks & chips.


Here's a photo of it while I was seasoning it a couple hours ago (next to it is my Char Broil grill that a few people told me to avoid, yet has turned out to be the best, most reliable gas grill I've ever owned--I'd just scraped the grilles and was burning it clean when the photo was snapped):

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I did some more searching online this morning, but still haven't found a cover that's tall enough to cover the controls.  I guess that, for the time being, I'll just use the cover I have and move it under the eaves w/the controls facing the house when rain's due.

It's going to take a couple smokes to get a better handle on the amount of wood to use.  Today's ribs (the first in the new smoker) have a very light smoke taste--I decided to err on the side of caution.  More smoke tomorrow...  =o)

Below is a photo of what's left of the batch of ribs I put in this morning.  Sorry about the colors.  My phone camera leaves a bit to be desired in bright light.

They went in w/out any rub; just salt & pepper.  While they were smoking, I decided to try my hand at a finishing sauce to dress them up a bit.  I ended up w/two that I really enjoyed (tho there's still tweaking room).  The slab on the left has a sweet/hot (really hot) glaze, while the one on the right is a tomato/vinegar base with some spices and a bit of a bite to it.

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