Elusive smoke ring.

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  1. Hey guys,
    I've posted this before but will again
    As an eagle scout I've been cooking outdoors over wood for 45 years now, have been to culinary college, currently own 5 (or more lol) smokers or grills and love to go to competitions to observe and taste. I consider myself to be fairly accomplished, at least average as far as the competitions go and "the best" as far as friends and family are concerned.
    I'm extremely happy with everything I do except for one thing...THAT DARN SMOKE RING...
    Texture, moisture, taste...It's all there BUT I never seem to get that nice smoke ring I always see at the competitions.
    As a culinary grad (and a healthy eater) I know that appearances are important and I want my food to look as good as it smells and tastes.
    On a couple other forums I've been on it's been suggested to use curing salt to color the meat to get that nice pink ring but that just feels like cheating and I know accomplished smoking gurus don't do that...
    Any advice or ideas as to what I'm doing wrong or not doing?
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    What setup & smoker are you using.

    If it's an electric, you won't get a smoke ring.

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  4. Thanks Willie...Reading it now

  5. Great stuff Willie. This is exactly the kind of help/info I was hoping for (I knew somebody here would come through)..Thanks loads. I've got a new direction now...I've got a modified fire box insert for my propane smoker I can use the first two hours of my smoke to get the combustion gasses and temps I need...And knowing about salt and vinegar may explain alot as I always pre salt and smear mustard on my brisket to adhere the rub...Quite informative.

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    Ain't science wonderful? Glad I could get you on the right track. Now knock us out with your next brisket and that super "smoke ring".

    Make sure you read the rest of his stuff, it's good stuff.
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  7. Thanks, I couldn't stop with just that link you gave me...It referred the smoke ring Atlas and now I'm totally immersed in reading that...It's answering ton of questions and now I can't wait for my next brisket cook in a month at our annual state pond hockey tournament. I'm trying to organize a smoke fest to coincide with the event. The organizers are shying away from the idea so I formed a " hockey team" so I could go cook for them...4 butts, a 16 pound brisket, a few slabs of spare and baby back ribs and of course as many ATBs as I can prep...My flavor profiles are great after 10 years of smoking, but that darn smoke rings always eluded me and I'm wanting to impress to get these guys to go along with my idea.
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    Good luck with the cook!
  9. Interesting read. I guess I need to quit using mustard and vinegar.
    I typically use mustard before rub on pork. Now what do I use?
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  10. Typically, anything slightly sticky or gooey...I've always used mustard because I had it on hand by the gallon for my vinegar mustard sauce when doing.Pulled pork which I do once a month on average. I'm going with olive oil in a couple days on a big chuck roast, I'll let you know how it works.
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    Nothing. The moisture of the meat will hold the rub.
  12. c farmer

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    ​This ^^^^^^^^^    

      I never use anything to hold the rub on.
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  13. Why are you going to stop using mustard before you rub. I always use mustard and never have an issue with a smoke ring. Here is last weeks brisket. The smoke ring was crazy, mustard and then a dalmatian rub. 

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  14. According to the read mustard and vinegar will lessen the smoke ring. I have use mustard in the past but according to this I shouldn't. I have also used vinegar in injection and sprayed it on while smoking. I typically do not use mustard on beef. I think I will smoke 2 butts one with mustard and one without to see if I can see any difference.
    And you brisket looks good. 👍
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  15. I look forward to the side by side from the same smoke. Should be interesting.
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    I use Mustard on Pork before the seasonings, but Worcestershire "Thick" on Beef before the seasonings.

    Mustard or Olive Oil on Chicken.

    Seasonings stick better.

    However I use an electric smoker & never worry about getting a Smoke Ring.

  17. smokeymose

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    This is my last brisky with nothing but salt & pepper straight on the meat. Enough ring for me.
    I sometimes use mustard on butts with a rub and like bear I like thick Worcester on chuck.
    I'll be watching for peachy's side by side...
  18. My wife just came home from Sams club with 4 porkbutts. I am not sure if I will get to the side by side this weekend or if it will have to wait till next week.
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    Good Wife!!! [​IMG]

    Give her a Big Hug!!

  20. Yes she is.
    Should I give her a bear hug?

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