Elk Roast?

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Dec 26, 2010
I am new to smoking, and I have a elk roast sitting in the freezer. i was wondering if it would be good smoked, and if any one may know how long to keep smoke on it, what wood, and at what temp and how many hours it may take? I have a MES 30 inch, so maintaining the temperature will not be an issue. Thanks for any help and advice. I have also posted this in the wild game section but i was not sure how many people view it.... so sorry if it is a repeat.

First off welcome Keela to SMF. I wouldn't recommend that you smoke that elk roast first. I would however suggest that you sign up for the 5-day E-course. It's free and will give you alot of good knowledge and the basics on smoking. Then I would tell you to try a pork butt maybe. It's a good and long smoke (maybe 5-6 hours) and it is also a forgiving hunk of meat and a might tasty too. Then you can smoke your elk if you feel confident enough. I would really hate to see you over cook something that good.  
Rub that thing with some olive oil, rosemary, kosher salt, garlic, and fresh ground pepper. Wrap in bacon, run your smoker at 250* and toss er in. Smoke until the internal temp reaches 135*. Pull it off the smoker and double wrap in foil with about 1/4 cup of beef stock, then in some old dish towels, place in a dry cooler for at least an hour. Remove slice and serve. Do not over cook, if you like your elk meat well done, don't bother smoking it. Cant tell you exactly how long but a good estimate for a small roast (3-4lbs) would be two hours on the smoker.
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