Electric shaver.

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LOL screw shaving. I'm still itching like hell from where they sheared me like a sheep for the heart monitor leads for my stress test a couple weeks ago.
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Looks like an okay unit Steve but I also found electrics to kinda tear up my neck.
Easiest thing is to retire , shave when "you " want too. :emoji_laughing:
Not retired but self employed... so yep, shave when I want to. When I do, it's a Wahl beard trimmer.

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Just a funny thing. I only used an electric shaver since I was 13 (early to grow a beard). In my mid 20's I was doing my normal drive to work while shaving after a weekend of growth the battery on the shaver suddenly died when only half my face was shaved. I could not show up at work like that.

I stopped by 7-11 and bought a disposable razor and some shaving cream. I had never attempted to us one before so I was kind of scared on how it would come out.

Since then I have always used a manual shaver. Now that I am retired I am like others that have posted and only shave about every 5 days or when I have to do something that needs it.

I use the Gillette Pro Glide Plus 5 blade since I can get them from Costco at a decent price.

Since I only shave every 5 days or so it makes it a pain to keep the blades clean of hairs.
I use the cheapest (chinese) Remington beard trimmer.
But I trim the neck boundary of my beard smooth with a (cheaper) Norelco triple header. Over 5 years old, the NiCd batteries are getting weak so I'm charging it at least weekly. And I found some cheap chinese replacement blades for $10 almost as good as the originals.
On the cheek boundaries of my beard I use a throwaway BIC razor (no cream needed).
When I travel I trim my beard before leaving, then use a compact, AA-battery powered, Japanese-made Remington shaver from Amazon (had great reviews), plus I carry a throwaway....all in all a lightweight travel solution.
None of this is Coupe d'Ville prestige or price, but it gets the job done.
I thought I'd post this in case someone was in need of a razor. I normally keep my Grizzly Adams thing going pretty much year round. At work you need to wear a beard net and hair net. When covid hit. I just wore a gaiter that took care of both issues. But a couple months ago the company decided that we had to wear a mask that they are supplying. And it is thick, restrictive, and if your doing hard work. It is a real PITA. And if you have a beard. You must wear the beard net. Which adds insult to injury. And I stubble quick. And hate shaving in the morning. So, after digging around in the closet. I found my shaver that I had in the service, 30 plus years ago.. Plugged it in. And it made a strange noise and popped the gfi. Into the trash it went.
So my quest began. After reading countless reviews on numerous brands of razors. I found this:

View attachment 487830

The online reviews are really favorable on this one. I bought it on Amazon for 32.00 shipped

View attachment 487831

Inside the box was the razor, usb cord, power brick, and cleaning brush.

View attachment 487832

The razor is cordless. And claims to have a 60 minute run between charges. So, I charged it up some. And tried it out. I must say. I'm pretty impressed with it.
I got a smooth shave with it. It has a pop out trimmer that I haven't tried yet. Like other razors such as this. It will pull a longer hair if it gets a chance. On normal stubble it did very well.
Anyway, if you're in the market for a face scrapper. Here ya go!

Years ago, I shaved with a corded Norelco that was similar to that - with the 3 floating heads. At some point, it pooped out, and I tried a rechargeable cordless Braun foil shaver. I'm on my 2nd one of those now and like it very much. They seem to shave my face closer than the old Norelco did. Always seemed like there was a curve or a corner that the Norelco couldn't get.

'Course - I only shave about twice a week nowadays - I've got the retirement virus. :emoji_sunglasses: And I've been wearing a beard for years...so all I shave is my neck and lower lip anyway.

Since this hasn't been mentioned, I'll put this here in case anyone find it useful.

There's something to be said about "getting by with a clipper" instead of a close shave device. For decades, I tried almost every electric shaver I could think of (and safety razors, etc...) until I realized that my job didn't require a perfect shave -- I just needed to look somewhat presentable. Since there were a few folks who had an "afternoon shadow" I figured "what the hell" and bought a normal hair clipper to shave with. I remove all the attachments and get it as close as I can, and no razor burn, no discomfort, or anything. My skin feels like it's finally healing from all those years of abuse.

Sure, I look a little scruffy throughout the day, but my life has also been a hellova lot better since I realized I could get away with that. For what it's worth.
Back when I did use an electric shaver I never liked the three ring ones. They pulled out more hair than they cut. I used a Remington similar to this but an older model. It pretty much looked the same.


Now I just use these. I have tried other brands but they either burn or don't shave close enough. You just have to have the water on high enough and rinse and shake them out after each swipe.


To go along with it I use Barbasol Aloe. It seems to be the best one I have tried over the years.

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