ECB mod to seal bottom

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Original poster
Nov 21, 2013
Griffin, GA
I have an ECB smoke n grill and I'm having problems keeping the temperature from spiking and having flare ups.  I have been reading numerous threads on here and have done several different mods.  I moved the legs to the outside of the smoker, put a grate in the bottom of the charcoal pan, put a new temperature gauge in, drilled some small holes into the side of the charcoal pan, put a stove gasket around the dome lid, and added an exhaust damper to the dome lid.  I use the minion method and fill the charcoal pan full of kingsford briquettes.  I then use a charcoal chimney and get 10 briquettes ashed over and glowing orange and place the lit coals on top of the unlit coals.  I put two chunks of hickory in the charcoal pan and then put hot water in the water pan.  Within a few minutes the chunks catch fire and the temperature sores to 300+.  I removed the chunks to lower the temperature but my minion method is screwed because all of the charcoals have ignited. 

The next time I tried to smoke with charcoal only and I noticed the temperature right at 220.  A short while later I heard water boiling and opened the door and water was boiling over the water pan and was dripping into the charcoal pan yet the temperature was still at 220.  For some reason there was a small fire which caused the water to boil and then ruin the fire.  I don't know how to control the air intake into the smoker because the charcoal pan has a huge gap. 

Is it possible to purchase the bottom section only which goes to the ECB gourmet and it fit the body of the smoke n grill?  Has anyone else tried this? Or are there any other suggestions how to monitor air intake? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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