Eating smoking food increases triglycerides

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by richard cameron, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. My wife told me that eating smoking food increases triglycerides.  Has anyone else been told this?  If this is true, my new smoker is going bye bye.  If this is not true, I need to debunk this ASAP. 
  2. smokinal

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    I've never heard anything like that before. Where did she get her information?

    I eat a lot of smoked foods, and my last blood test showed my triglycerides were 49.

  3. jirod

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    I have never heard that either.  My guess is it would be the "common" foods people smoke that would be an issue, not the smoking itself.  From the little I've read/seen fattier and red meats, so things like pulled pork and brisket, may not be good for your triglyceride levels.  But wouldn't think leaner cuts of chicken or certain types of fish smoked would have a negative impact on your triglycerides.  I would definitely talk to a doctor or dietician or someone like that before getting rid of the smoker.

    As Al said, I would ask where she read/heard that, I would be interested to see that information as well if it is true.
  4. cliffcarter

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    Smoking, as in smoking cigarettes, is listed as contributing to higher triglyceride levels but I could find nothing to indicate that smoked foods do.
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    Is not the smoked meat but the fat in smoked food that might increase your levels. At least that's the mainstream advice. Lately more and more agencies stopped blaiming the saturated fat for CVD. Just so you know sugar and starch can increase your triglycerides. Alcohol too in some people.

    Don't kiss your smoker bye bye.

    Just so you know....there are concerns smoked meat can increase your risk of cancer (colon, stomach). Use your own judgement.

    And eat fish if you are concerned about CVD. Fatty fish. Lots of it.
  6. lancep

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    Triglycerides are fat. Eating lots of tranfat or saturated fats will raise your levels. As well as high alcohol consumption or lots of carbs. You're in just as much or more eating fried chicken and drinking a sixer on a regular basis. Moderation is the key. Eating fatty cuts of pork or beef everyday of the week is going to raise your risk. No matter how you heat it. Serve it with a salad or grilled veggies instead of potatoes or mac n cheese. Of course, I guess one could say that smoked meat is so good that it leads to overeating which will always raise your risk.
    Happy hitting and don't throw away your smoker.
  7. Never heard that about. Maybe just like others suggested a lot of smoked foods are fatty, ribs, brisket etc. That could jack up the tri's.
  8. bearcarver

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    Hmmm,   triglycerides is one of the items on my tests that is always normal.

    Just tell her Smoked meat has the same properties as Viagra & Cialis.[​IMG]

    Don't forget to Duck!!   [​IMG]

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  9. swampmouse

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    Well, let me say as someone who has had triglyceride levels so high they cannot read them on the test ("lipemia" - when you got vienna sausages flowing through your veins!), and who has also had "normal levels, there's a lot to learn about them.

    Let me say first I am surely not a doctor, but I have stayed at a few Holiday Inn Expresses over the years.... and I blame high triglycerides on lots of inbreeding through the centuries!!!!............BUT

    In my personal experience, high triglycerides are easily controlled by diet...and i don't mean low fat! (Maybe I shouldn't say easily...a low carb lifestyle isn't easy for me - i want ice cream and cookies daily).

    I have adopted a low carb way of life - 100 grams of carbs per day or less - and my numbers came right down from about 1200 to 200. Bear in mind that the "current" standard your cardiologist will promote is 150 or less, 200 was the "old number" they used to use prior to a few years ago. My doctor said 200 is fine.

    With that being said, unless you have high triglycerides, i wouldn't worry about it, and i doubt there is anything to prove smoked food increases them at all.

    I eat all the bacon, sausage, and smoked butts I want, and my points are all the better for it....and I lost quite a bit of weight eating like that. 

    Without all the carbohydrates in your system, the body will burn a lot of that fat for energy instead of storing it, and much of it will pass right out of you. All that...and no pills which my doctor is more than happy to promote. He's not a bad guy mind you, just doing his job, BUT he knows most people are not going to be willing to change the way they eat to improve their health. Its much tougher than taking a pill.

    Thats been my experience!

  10. bbqwillie

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    It's the fat and the beer (mostly beer) that causes the increase. The smoking does nothing. Don't throw your smoker away, just moderate your beer intake and watch the fat.
  11. paul6

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    If I knew what a Triglyceride was I might worry !!!!!   [​IMG]  
  12. pit 4 brains

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    Don't panic.. I'm collecting and planning on taking all the triglycerides with me...
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  13. betaboy

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    You can't eat BBQ ribs every day, that's for sure. However the 'smoking' isn't going to hurt you, unless it's covered in creosote. Yuck.
  14. lancep

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    Way to take one for the team Pit

  15. pit 4 brains

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    Man your salad life boats.. I'm going down with the ship..
  16. My wife and I have a similar argument about germs. I can't see them so I don't believe in them, the same could be said about these triglyceride things.
  17. erikz

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    Triglyceride levels in the blood are generally dependent on how long ago you've eaten.  A normal healthy person will have a normal, low, trig level after a few (6-10) hours after eating.  Normal metabolic rates will keep trig levels in check... just like blood sugar levels in healthy people.  As stated before, triglycerides are fat.  

    So yeah, if you eat a pound of pulled pork or brisket and draw your blood after an hour or 2 your triglyceride levels will be increased.  I'm sure a sustained diet of garbage and foods that are just packed full of fats your fasting levels may be increased.  That and other health issues can cause elevated triglyceride levels.  

    A better indication of diet/health is cholesterol.  That includes the total value, the HDL (good) and LDL (bad).  HDL is high density lipoproteins and carry cholesterol out of the tissues in your body.  LDL does the opposite.  

    I know all this because I'm a medical laboratory scientist and run cholesterol and triglyceride tests on people all day long.  
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  18. dirtsailor2003

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    I am so glad I eat "Smoked" food and not "Smoking" food!!!! Had me worried. I usually try and wait until my food has quit "Smoking" before eating it, therefore no issues for me!!!!
  19. chef jimmyj

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    Tell her to stop reading Hippy Health Rags printed by Vegans and the PETA supporters!...JJ
  20. bearcarver

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    LOL---Nice catch Case!!

    Subject line should be "Eating Smoking Food causes Mouth & Throat Burns".


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