Easy Breakfast Sausage Rolls

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...here's my quickie attempt this morning at reproducing Ray's masterpiece but with mods...tortillas instead of biscuits...
BTW, those were flour tortillas. I've been soaking them in egg batter quite a bit lately for miscellaneous breakfast creations. Well, yesterday I bought some small sausages and thought I'd try the smallest tortillas to wrap them in...which were corn tortillas. Big mistake. The corn ones just don't form the pastry-like goodness with egg like the flour ones do. More like just a crunchy piece of thin French toast. I've got about a dozen left over; will probably eat them up with peanut butter or with jelly like I eat FT.
Nice meals.
Empenada, meat patty, samosa, etc. Been my passion for years. Local truck stop (on my route to work) sells a pre-made flour tortilla wrapped around a meat, egg, and cheese filling that is heated fro the quick grab case.

My home made variant is bagel dogs. I make bread dough and wrap around around hot dogs or sausages, boil and bake. Good for a reheat eat.
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One of my favorite YouTube channels is Glen and Friends Cooking. Recently he made sausage rolls using puff pastry. I wasn't about to make puff pastry, and when I got to the store I learned they didn't carry it.

As I stood looking at the canned biscuit section, inspiration hit. A cheap can of store brand, flaky, buttery, grand-size biscuits might work.

Saturday morning, time to see if this experiment was worth eating.

Prep time 20 minutes.

Preheat oven to 350°F.
Grab the bulk sausage from the fridge, or 4 cased sausages, case removed.
Lightly AP flour a work surface.
Make an egg wash with a beaten egg and a tablespoon of water.
Open the can of biscuits.
Dust both side of a biscuit with flour, then roll into a 6-7 inch round.
Place a 3" by 1" round of sausage in the middle of the biscuit round (or half a cased sausage).
Egg wash the edges of the flattened dough.
Fold over and press to seal with your fingers.
Use a fork to crimp the edges.
Place on a half baking sheet prepped with parchment paper.
Repeat 7 more times.
Bake for 18-20 minutes until the internal sausage temp is 165°F.
Rest 5 minutes.
My wife and I both loved this. We each ate two.

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Might give this a go at the weekend! Looks great.
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